Saturday, January 20, 2018

Weekly Update for Friday, January 19, 2018

It's been a busy month, in the first 20 days of 2018 we've already run 54 calls for service! I want to thank those of you who gave up last Saturday to attend the ice rescue training and those who gave up this Saturday to attend the PICO class.   Thank you!
Chief's Call: Sexual Harassment Class: Tuesday, January 30. This is a mandatory training requirement. Officers arrive at 1800, all hands at 1900.
W-2's are in your mail slots: If anyone has any questions, concerns, or would like to update their W-4 please see Lisa Vargas at the Lyman Town Hall.
Stroke Protocols:   SMHC is asking that we notify OLMC, ASAP when we have a suspect CVA.
Interesting that item 1 is earthquake activity, and we had a 2.6 earthquake in Maine last week.
The EMR-ISAC InfoGram for January 18, 2018 contains the following articles:
1. Increase in earthquake activity sparks concerns
2. Learning from the mistakes of others
3. NFPA 99 Health Care Facilities Code update
4. National engagement for NIMS implementation objectives
Firefighter Near Miss:  Ladder Drop Results in Concussion
Flu activity: The Maine Health Alert Network update from January 9 about the increase in influenza cases in Maine. Cases seen at SMHC are consistent with CDC data. Please use appropriate isolation precautions with suspected influenza cases. Flu vaccince are recommended by the CDC.
Water Rescue Equipment: All of the Water Rescue Suits and Ropes have been replaced. F87 is now equipped with Four Blue Bags that contain a Suit, Safety Rope, Throw Rope and a Helmet.  Rescue Alive Sled with 300' Rope, Four Personal Flotation Devices and Throw Ring. E83 is now equipped with Two Blue Bags that contain a Suit, Safety Rope, Throw Rope and a Helmet.
Please review SOG 3322, Tactical Guidelines 4303 and 4303A.
Those who did not attend the recent training should see their Company Officer to familiarize themselves with the new operating procedures.
Bag Inventories and Seal Numbers:  Trying to make this process simpler and have the inventory sheets easier to locate, bag inventories, IE: pediatric kits, collar bags, jump kits, etc. now have their respective inventory forms via Data Trac-Mobile on the I-pads. Seal numbers and seal number checks, will also be recorded through these inventory forms.  This will also allow us to consolidate several SOG's into one.
EVOs and CDL's:  Not much progress has been made in this area over the past year. In December of 2016, Directives 2321/Apparatus Operations and 2202/EVO Training and Qualification program, were updated making CDLs a requirement after January 1, 2018. This was announced in General Notice 16-1445 and in this blog several times. Those two directives will be revised effective February 1, 2018, adding the requirement for a CDL to the EVO2 and 3 qualification.  The obtaining a CDL will replace the End Test.  If you have any questions, please come see me.
Respiratory Questionnaires:  For those of you who have completed these, thank you!  If you haven't done your's yet please get it to AChf Harris ASAP.
Award Nominations:  So far, we have 11 nominations submitted. Please submit your award nominations ASAP.
Events Next Week: Tuesday 1800 Company Training; Thursday 1800 Banquet committee, Ice Fishing Derby Committee meetings.
4th Quarter 2017 Operations Report: My 4th quarter report is posted in Ops and on the website.
OPEN SHIFTS:  Monday 1/29 0700-1900; Saturday 2/10 0700-1900.

Take care, be safe,

Roger S. Hooper, Fire Chief
Goodwins Mills Fire-Rescue
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"Experience is the name we give our mistakes."
-Oscar Wilde