Friday, May 18, 2018

Weekly Update for Friday, May 18, 2018

Sat 6/09 1900-0700. (Banquet night. We will have coverage from 1700-2200).
Fri 6/15 0700-1900 (FF/EVO1), 1900-0700 (FF/EMT/EVO)
Wed 6/20 0700-1900, 1900-0700 (FF/EMT/EVO, both shifts).
Fri 6/22 0700-1900 (FF/EVO), 1900-0700 (FF/EMT/EVO).
Sat 6/23 0700-1900 (FF/EMT), 1900-0700 (FF/EMT/EVO).
Mon 6/26 0700-1900 (FF/EVO).
Thu 6/28 0700-1900 (need 2), 1900-0700 (FF/EMT/EVO).
Fri 6/29  1900-0700 (FF/EMT/EVO).
Sat 6/30 0700-1900 (FF/EVO), 1900-0700 (FF/EMT/EVO). 
Congratulations:  FF Gambino has been hired by Sanford FD. His start date in Sanford is July 2.
With that in mind, the Fire Commission voted last night to open a hiring period. I have posted James' vacancy. Also, depending on the vote at Town meeting, we may be hiring an additional full-timer.
A notice and application process is posted on the bulletin board and on our website.
Biddeford Turnpike Exit 32 closures:  Next week between 2200 and 0500, Exit 32 will be closed.
Specifics are on the bulletin board.
EMS Week: May 20 through 25 is National EMS Week. To kick off the week, Chaplain Bove has invited any and all EMS First Responders to a celebratory service at the Methodist Church on Sunday at 1030.  Red T-shirts with job shirts, or uniforms, would be appropriate. See you there.
Student Update: No students for the summer. All night-time calls need a call force driver.
FF St. Germain will be returning in the fall. On June 2, Capt Duross and I will be attending the live-in draft to select one more student for next semester. Next year the plan is to host 2 students.
Sign Update: So the sign project is coming along.  We found out from DOT that we had to be 33 feet from the center of Route 35. We were 6 feet too close. Capt Daniels and his trusty side-kick Jr FF Hunter dug out the hole, by shovel, to move the forms back six feet. That's dedication!  On Monday, Dayton Sand will be here to pour the concrete.
EMS Training: Tuesday 22nd @ 1800 hrs. Topic: Asthma.
New Epi for Anaphylaxis In Service training (CEH’s Awarded) *All License Levels NEED to know how to use this medication. We are pulling the EPI Pens off the end of the month*
Extrication Class:  Sign up by May 25th for our Extrication Class on the weekend of June 2-3rd.  Going to be trained by an outside agency on modern day stabilization as well as extrication techniques.  Please sign up on the bulletin board.
From the Firefighter Code of Ethics: "I pledge....Never discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, creed, age, marital status, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual preference, medical condition or handicap." 
Firefighter Near Miss: Possible Cardiac Arrest Patient Results in Shocking Discovery
Summary: A crew found a man down on the ground between a chain-link fence and a metal building. When they touched him, they realized he was electrically energized.
Help Needed for the EMS Practical Skills Assessment in Westbrook on May 25th  $16.00/hour.
Spring EMR/EMT classes wrapping up. The PSE in Westbrook at the Regional Technical Center (Westbrook HS) on May 25th  needs testers, simulated patients, and BLS assistants.
To be a tester, you must hold a current license at the level you are testing (EMR, EMT or higher)
To be a BLS assistant, you must have successfully completed a course at the level you are testing (example, you completed the EMT course but have not finished testing yet)
To be a simulated patient, you must be at least 16 years of age, of average height and weight, and be able to have moulage clothing and makeup applied.
 All exams begin at 0730. Pay is $16/hr, and you will be given a check that day.
Please reply to with your name, license level, and phone number if you can definitely commit to the exam.
The EMR-ISAC InfoGram for May 17, 2018 contains the following articles:
1. Silence is deadly: the first step in addressing the rise in suicides.
2. FBI report: Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted, 2017.
3. Electric car batteries pose minimal but extended fire risk. 
Events Next WeekAll Week: EMS Week
Sunday: 0800 GMFRA Car Wash, 1030 EMS Week Service at Methodist Church. 1700 Engine to cover BFD. Tuesday: 1800 EMS Training.

Have a great weekend!

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"Experience is the name we give our mistakes."
-Oscar Wilde