Saturday, October 21, 2017

Weekly Update for Friday, October 20, 2017

OPEN SHIFTS: October: Thu 10/26. November: Tue 1/7. December: Tue 12/5, Thu 12/21.  All 0700-1900.
FIRE DANGER:  It's dry and windy. Until we get a significant amount of rain, we're not issuing burning permits.
RECENT CALLS: Since last Friday, we've run on 24 calls for service.  We assisted Alfred with a 3rd Alarm, Sanford on 5th Alarm, and Sanford again on a 2nd alarm the following day, Biddeford with an overdose. Arundel helped us out with a propane leak. We handled everything from a stabbing, overdoses, chirping smoke detectors, propane odors and our regular array of call types. Including the typical "start and stops" to Biddeford and Saco. On Wednesday we covered 4 calls in a two-hour period.  I was very impressed with the performance of our crews at these recent multi-alarm fires.  I also want to thank those of you who step-up to cover these calls. 
TESTING: Congratulation to everyone who completed the PAT this morning. And a thank you to those who help set it all up and run the test.
ENGINEER'S TIME: Thursday's Engineer's Training was interrupted by Sanford's 5th Alarm. The next one is schedule  for this Sunday at 0900. Engineer's time that is, not another 5 alarmer.
The EMR-ISAC InfoGram for October 19, 2017 contains the following articles:
1. 2017 NIMS Refresh Released
2. Engaging homeowners in wildfire risk mitigation: what works?
3. Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams
4. FAA webinar series on UAS and public safety
The 10 best podcasts for firefighters: In the fire service, staying up to date on the latest and greatest can be difficult; here are 10 podcasts that will keep you current and your skills sharp
PATIENT RESTRAINTS:  I was very happy to see shoulder straps being used on the stretcher the other day.
MEDICATION CONTROL POLICY:  Directive 2341 has been updated to cover the recent changes to regional drug boxes. Dr. Brown, our Service Medical Director, has signed off on the update. A copy of the policy is on the bulletin board.
HOLLIS APPARATUS MOVES:  Hollis Tank 1 (3000 gallons) is now housed in the District 1 (Route 202) station. Along with Ambulance 1 and Engine 3.  Squad 61, Ambulance 2, Engines 1 and 2, daytime per diem staff are at Station 2 (Plains Road).  There have also been some changes to HFDs running cards. As soon as I look them over I'll let you all know how it will effect our response.
View Randolph Mantooth's Keynote Address at the EMS World Expo. "Happy 45th Anniversary: Remembering Why". Check out Randolph’s inspirational keynote that includes some firsthand observations of EMS professionals over the years, delivered with equal parts humor and genuine admiration for the profession he helped introduce when EMERGENCY! first aired on Saturday nights on NBC 45 years ago.
RAFFLE DRAWING: Gun raffle drawing is Oct 28 at 4pm.  Keep pushing the tickets!
EVENTS NEXT WEEK:  Saturday 0700 PAT & EVO1 Testing. Sunday 0900 Engineer's Time. Monday 0900 Executive Steering Board. Tuesday 1600 Chiefs's Meeting. 1830 Lieutenants' Meeting. Thursday 0730 Dayton 5th Grader ride to school.

Have a great weekend.


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