Friday, July 13, 2018

Weekly Update for Friday, July 13, 2018

 Sadly,  Firefighter/EVO2 Lee Littlefield, Jr passed away on Thursday.  Lee served for 35 years and is an Honorary Member. Following his active service he remained involved as a member of the Relief Association. His baby was the '53.  Visiting hours will be on Thursday, July 19th from 1800-2100 at Autumn Green in Alfred. I am still waiting on confirmation of a Firefighter walk-through and a time to conduct that. We will post on honor guard during visiting hours. Funeral Services will be at the Methodist Church on Friday, July 20 at 1000. Internment will be a the Chadbourne Cemetery.  Lee's remains will ride on the '53 from the church to the cemetery.  We will conduct a "Last Alarm" ceremony at the cemetery.  Following the graveside service a reception will be held here at the fire station.  I will be posting a TOG soon.  I will be asking for volunteers to organization certain events. Norm Bilodeau is the family liaison and Ed Bove will be officiating the funeral. 
Busy week:  We've had an unusually busy week. Since Sunday we've  run 12 calls. Since July 1st we've run 31 calls for service.  Thank you everyone who has stepped up and responded on these calls.
Forestry 87:  Is out of service until Monday afternoon for maintenance.
Ladder 82:  Pleasant Point VFD is moving along with their process to purchase the truck. Chief Sprague is awaiting approval from his council. 
Ladder 8X: Our quint is in Attleboro, Mass, for frame rail replacement and brake work. This is about an 8-week process.
Basement Tactics Class: Biddeford FD on September 14th. 0830-1600.
ICS 300 Class:  At EMA in Alfred on August 6 and 7. This is a required course for captains.
The EMR-ISAC InfoGram for July 12, 2018 contains the following articles:
1. EPA rolls out national electronic hazardous waste tracking system
2. New Disaster Health Core Curriculum program announced
3. Why people keep clicking on phishing emails
4. Effects of wildfire smoke on community health
Firefighter Near Miss: Provider Exposed to Bloodborne Pathogens
A paramedic was treating a patient who seemed to be a minimal risk for exposure from bodily fluids. The situation quickly changed, resulting in a significant exposure to bodily fluids.
BlitzFire moved to E83: BlitzFire has been removed from L82, has been place on E83 in the front officers side compartment in front of the floating strainer.
Wed 7/18 0700-1900 EMT and 1900-0700 EVO.
Thur 7/19 0700-1900 EVO.
Fri 7/27 0700-1900, 1900-0700 EMT and 1900-0700 EVO
Several 1900-0700 shifts remain open.
Thu 8/2 0700-1900 and 1900-0700.
Fri  8/3 0700-1900.
Sun 8/5 1900-0700
Mon 8/6 0700-1900
Tue 8/7 0700-1630
Wed 8/8 1900-0700
Fri 8/10 1900-0700
Sat 8/11 0700-1900
Thu 8/16 1900-0700
Sat 8/18 1900-0700
Sun 8/19 0700-1900
Tue 8/21 1900-0700
Fri 8/24  1900-0700
Sun 8/26 1900-0700
Mon 8/27 1900-0700
Thu 8/30 0700-1900.
Events Next Week: Thursday & Friday, Funeral Honors.

Enjoy your weekend,

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