Friday, August 18, 2017

Weekly Update for Friday, August 18, 2017

Finally! Some rain!
OPEN SHIFTS: August: Fri 8/25 0700-1900. Thu 8/31 0700-1900. September: Fri 9/1 0700-1900.
Fri 9/8 0700-1900. Sat 9/16 0700-1900. Sat 9/23 0700-1900. Sun 9/24 0700-1900 (EMT).  October: Tue 10/17 0700-1900. November: Fri 11/3 0700-1900.
Congratulations to our newest EVO2's. FF Jake Boyden and FF Shawn Pendleton.
Ladder 82: It's back and in service.
CDLs:   A CDL is required to qualify as an EVO3.  It will soon be an EVO2 requirement as well.
There is some information on the bulletin board for help with preparing for the CDL test.
Ambulance 85: It's on loan to Hollis FD through Monday.
Fall Fire & School: September 23 & 24. Flyer is on the bulletin board and posted HERE.  submit a data trac training request if your interested in attending.  I highly recommend the "Got Big Water" class or the New England FOOLS class.
Maine State Weekend at the NFA: The flyer is out for the 2018 MSW, June 1-3.  A copy is in the bulletin board and HERE.  These are officer level/leadership courses. Priority will be for 1) Officers, who've never been to the NFA; 2) All other officers. 3) Firefighter II's who would be eligible for Lieutenant.
Biddeford Exit Closure: Exit 32 South Bound on Ramp will be closed on Wednesday August 23rd from 10 PM to August 24th at 5 AM to complete repairs to the bridge.
Pharmacy Exchange:  Things are still on track for a September 1st transition to the 1 for 1 medication exchange at SMHC. Regional drug boxes will go away.  I'm still trying to find out what the situation is with the use of Pyxis by EMS providers.  More to follow.
Daily, I will see where 3 or more people are logged into the same computer. And/or the same individuals are logged into several computers. When you're logged in you are taking up computer and network resources. This will slow down the network. This also creates a security problem, you're basically an unlocked window.  Please, when you're finished, click the button to "sign off"   Thanks.
The EMR-ISAC InfoGram for August 17, 2017 contains the following articles:
1. GAO: Air Ambulances Need Better Data Collection
2. Cost of Violence to Hospitals and Health Systems
3. The Most Valuable Commodity is the Membership
4. New Campus Emergency Management Offerings
Chief's Call: Our next Chief's call is on Tuesday, August 29th.
National Fire Academy Course Vacancies (NFA classes are free. USFA pays your transportation to/fm Emitsburg and provides lodging.) 
NFA recently posted vacancies for upcoming classes scheduled for October 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018.  To view the complete list, visit:
For details on applying for a class, visit or contact the NETC Admissions Office via email or by phone at (301) 447-1035. Completed applications may be faxed to (301) 447-1441.
If interested, apply immediately!
Events Next Week: Tuesday; Company Lieutenants at 1930. Wednesday; Hose and Ground Ladder Testing. Thursday; Fire Commission at 1830.

Have a great weekend,

Roger S. Hooper, Fire Chief
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