Sunday, June 17, 2018

Weekly Update for Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sorry for getting this out late. I had a busy couple of days. Got 3 kids graduated from high school. It's going to get rather quiet around my house.
OPEN SHIFTS: June: Tuesday 6/20 1900-0700. Friday 6/22 1900-2359. Sat 6/23 1900-0700. must be EMT for all shifts.     July: Wed 7/4  1900-0700 x2. Thu 7/5 0700-1900, 1900-0700.
Congratulations: We have two new Firefighter II's; Sandy Guillemette and Karina Corbeil.
Also congratulations to our 2017 Award recipients; Firefighter of the Year FF Jake Cole, Fire Officer of the Year Lt Dylan Martin, Commissioner's Award recipient FF Jake Boyden and our 2017 Most Improved Firefighter FF Corey Boucher.
Town Meeting:  Our budget articles passed in both towns. This is going to create some significant changes in how we do business, positive changes. The station will be staff with 2 qualified individuals 24-hours a day. We will have an on-call duty officer Friday through Sunday. Like I said at the banquet, these initiatives get approved because of the quality and professional service each of you provide.
New Hires: On Monday we will interview 4 applicants for our two vacancies. One vacancy to replace FF Gambino and one to fill our newly created forth full-time position. I hope to have this hiring processes wrapped up early next week.
More Per Diem Shifts: Our per diem shift will expand from 12-hours per day to 24. We will continue with templeted shifts. On Tuesday, 6/19 at 1830, we will have a meeting of everyone interested in working per diem shifts. I plan on having the new per diem schedule become effective on August 1st.  The current schedule and templeted shifts will remain unchanged through July.
Recent Calls:  Great job everyone at Tuesday night's woods fire. We had over 30 of our own members turn out for that call. If you haven't heard, the cause was an unpermitted burn the night before that wasn't properly extinguished, not to mention, lit in an unsafe area. Ranger Desaulte has issued a summons and will be submitting restitution/suppression costs with the summons.
We had our usual run of ambulance calls. We've had a few more "stage for SP" than usual. When you respond to stage; remember it's a code 1 (routine) run. Let fire alarm know where you are staged at.
Events Next Week: Monday:1730 Full-time applicant interviews. Tuesday: 1800 Per Diem meeting. Thursday: 1300 New Student Orientation, 1830 Fire Commission, 1830 Basic Fire School.

Happy Father's Day,


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"Experience is the name we give our mistakes."
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