Saturday, November 8, 2014

Weekend Update....Friday, November 7, 2014

Got Freedom? Thank a Vet!  Tuesday, November 11th is Veteran's Day. As a Vet, I want to express my gratitude to those who've served. I am very proud of the Vets who continue to serve on our Department. FF Zac Storey (USMC), Lt Phil Daniels (USA), EVO3 Jeff Perry (USAF), FF/P Wes Loignon (USAF), Lt Chris Carpenter (USA) , FF Curtis Huff (USA), Engr Howard Smith (USMC)........THANK YOU!   (Hmm....I'm the only Navy guy?)

Open Shifts: November: 29. December: 23, 27. January 1, 5, 13, 14. All 0700-1900.   Please review the schedule on-line at On Duty Calendar   

Congratulations to the GMFRA for winning the "Golden Ladle" at Dayton Parks & Rec's Chili Cook Off!  Norm....Is it true that you're going to be on the Rachel Ray Show? 

Congratulations to Lt Phil Daniels for passing final qualification as an EVO2. And to FF Dylan Martin and FF Jake Cole for reaching provisional qualification as an EVO2.  FF James Gambino for completing the Firefighter II end test!  Great job everyone! Your hard work and dedication is very much appreciated. Thanks! 

And....another congratulatory item for Lt Daniels.....Phil has been hired to fill a full-time Firefighter-Paramedic position with Buxton Fire-Rescue.

Apparatus Drivers;  Please keep in mind....we still need call force drivers to respond to calls. Especially on nights, weekends and during college breaks.  

Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) and Team Focused CPR: I've attached some statistical info on OHCA it's rather interesting reading. Maine EMS has also put out some info on Team Focused CPR. Looks extremely similar to our Cardiac Code Team.  I guess good ideas spread.

More on Ebola: Maine EMS has activated the EID screening tool for dispatchers. EID is Emerging Infectious Diseases. You may here the term "EID" on the radio. The EID tool isn't designed exclusively for Ebola. However, given the attention around Ebola, the tool is activated for EMD. The term "EID" is something you may here on the radio. (Chris C., Phil, Wes; I said EID not IED, no flashbacks please!) The term EID will probably be followed with a descriptor such as; positive, negative, inconclusive or clear.  Please read over the attachment "EID Tool info to Services".

Complete stop at red lights and stop signs:  If you haven't heard, recently in Alfred there was a motor vehicle crash involving a private ambulance. The ambulance was on a code 3 transfer to MMC. Cardiac (STEMI) patient.  Allegedly, the ambulance had the red light, ran it,  and was hit by an on-coming vehicle with the green light.  Alfred and Sanford rescues responded.  This is one of several reasons our policy is to STOP at red lights and stop signs. Be sure the intersection is clear, approaching vehicles are stopped before proceeding through. Treat each lane as an independent intersection.   How would you feel if you were driving that ambulance?

EMD Codes and MEMSRR: A letter came out from Maine EMS regarding EMD determinant codes on MEMSRR (PCR) reports. This isn't a requirement yet, but I suspect it will be at some point. I am working with our mutual aid departments and Biddeford Fire Alarm  to use the EMD determinant codes in dispatching equipment/resources to EMS calls. The hold up seems to be computer software. The EMD program doesn't play nicely with the CAD program. 

35 Main St Biddeford Fire:  Looks like there's been an arrest in the Biddeford arson case that killed two men back in September. This is a link to the story...Biddeford-teen-arrested-in-connection-with-september-fire

Portland's Fatal Fire still under investigation.  WCSH has some pretty good pictures of the fire too. Here's a link to the story. This investigation may take awhile. Portland-fatal-fire-investigation-cause

EMS Blog:  Instead of a periodic newsletter, Dr Zimmerman will be doing an EMS Blog. You can find the blog on the SMEMS website  CEH articles will be posted on the blog as well as timely info to reach out to you.  If you subscribe to the RSS feed, you will know when something new has been added.
Magnesium Alert: There is a shortage of magnesium single-dose 2ml vials. Multi-dose vials will be placed in many drug boxes. These multi-dose vials will have specific dilution instruction on them. See the attachment.

Dayton Parks and Recreation is holding a Candy Collection!  Please drop off any unwanted, unopened candy in the box at the Town Hall by November 10th.  The candy will be delivered to Operation Gratitude and shipped out to our Troops all around the world to let them know we are thinking about them and appreciate them!  

Maine Fire Service Institute (MFSI), Biweekly Update: This week's edition has many new announcements. To avoid overloading your inboxes with an attachment {its a large file}, we have provided a web link to follow to your personal copy of the Bi-Weekly.  Also included is a link to the NFA direct delivery course announcement and NFA Fire Instructor 1 & 2 scheduled for the spring course selections. Please note the registration deadlines.

Engine 83 Pre-Build: I met with Ray Smith this morning and signed the final drawings. The next step is for Pierce to begin construction, which should begin after the holidays. Most likely late January.  You may have heard that Pierce is recalling some vehicles because of front suspension system problems. Wheels falling off.  I discussed this with Ray this morning. The problem is with the Arrow chassis (our is a Saber chassis) with  TAK-4 front suspension. We didn't buy the TAC-4 option. Also, this problem  has been experienced on truck purchases between 2009 and 2011.  This link is to an article on  Pierce-recalls-over-100-fire-trucks  

Ride to School on a Fire Engine: The winners of the fire prevention week contest got their well deserved rides to school on a fire engine recently. Last week we took Dayton 5th Grader, Sydney Ridolfi (and Principal Kim Sampeitro rode with us) to school on Engine 84. This morning we took Lyman 5th Grader, Ryan Howe on Ladder 82. 

Winter:  With colder temperatures, we need to start dressing for the weather. Keep an extra pair of gloves, socks and a hat in your turn out gear.  Keep an eye on each other. Remember, dehydration is not just a hot weather injury.  Also please make sure the station overhead doors close behind you.

Equipment Sale by Bid:  The excess equipment that is in the apparatus bay will be open for bids starting on Monday 11/10 ending on Sunday 11/16.  More information is posted on our web site.  Link to Equipment Disposal  information. 

Events for Next Week:  Sunday; EMT CEH Classes GMFR 0800. Tuesday; 1830 EMS Training at GMFR. Thursday EMS Heroin Awareness at Alfred FD 1800, Fire Commission Special meeting Thursday at 1830.  Link to our Battle Rhythm Calendar

Time off:  I'll be off on Monday and Tuesday.  I am available by text or cell. 

​Duty Officer: Friday 1900-0700 Capt Harris; Saturday 0700-1900 Capt Hooper; 1900-0700 Capt Duross; Sunday 0700-2359​ Deputy Johnston. 

Have a safe weekend,