Saturday, January 17, 2015

Weekend Update, Friday, January 16, 2015. Posted by Deputy Chief Johnston.

Chief Hooper’s Status:  The Chief has arrived safely in Mississippi and we have had minimal email contact, he is scheduled to return no later than January 31st.  You are receiving this weekend notice via old school email, I apologize for the change.  The Chief 8-1 Blog will return in a few weeks.
Annual Mandatory Core Training:  This Tuesday Night 18:00-22:00 (not 18:30) we will complete our annual core training for all members.  This is MANDATORY with a makeup date of Saturday 31st @ 0900-1300.  If you are unable to meet of those dates it is YOUR responsibility to contact your Company Officer asap.
Equipment Updates:  Engine 84’s alternator was rebuilt this week due to failure.  We have added small snow shovel to both Rescue 85/86.  The snow blower remains out of service until a new belt arrives.  R85 patient compartment lights were changed over to LED this week.
Plans Review:  Capt Lang continues to work with the CEO in regards to the new Dollar General coming to the Alfred Road.
Live In Students:  We welcome two new live in students Cole Tarbell and Rocky Sanfilippo to our Department.  Over the next week they will both be fulfilling their pre-employment items and begin to be an official part of our Department.  Congratulations to both and welcome.
WWW.GMFD.ORG We went live with our new web site that we will begin to help us bring more items to web based vs network.  Please check it out, you will find that a lot of items that were previously on the Shared Drive have been moved to the web site.  This will allow items such as policies and training announcements to be found online vs. having to be at the station.
Physicals:  Those of you needing annual physicals will be notified by email this week, please make every effort to make the appointment soon and get this finished up.  FYI, those over 40 need to go over year, those 35-39 will go over other year and those under 35 need only go every 5 years.
Annual Awards Banquet:  The Relief Association has formed a committee and will be working on the details of the 2014 Awards Banquet.  With that being said, award nominations are being solicited for the next two weeks.  Please go to the web site and make your nominations.  There are several people who are deserving of these awards and we need to assure they are properly recognized.
2014 W-2’s:  Have been put in your mail slot
Busy Week:  We continue to have a busy month, having 7 calls one day this week and 5 on another.  Thanks to all of you who continue to roll out in these cold temperatures.
Shift Coverage:  Tuesday the 27th is open 0700-1900, anyone interested please let me know.
Tools & Equipment:  Thank you to those who have been working on doing the annual cleaning, painting and labeling of tools.  Engineer Howard Smith will begin preparing Engine 83 tools in the bay this week.  All help is appreciated.
Former Member Chris Young:  Congratulations to Chris Young who this week started as the new Full Time Captain with Hollis Fire-Rescue.  This is a newly created position, we wish Chris luck with his new career.  This will bring Hollis’ staffing to 3 during the week and 2 on weekends.
OOB:  OOB will officially be changed dispatches from Sanford to Scarborough in the next week as well as their truck numbers will all be in the 70 series.  Chief Plummer has reworked their Run Cards and Engine 84 we will be covering OOB on all 2nd Alarms and go direct on a 3rd Alarm.
Standish Fire Chief:  With Chief Libby going to Windham as of the first of the year, Standish has appointed Deputy Chief Rob Caron to be their new permanent Chief.  Congratulations to Chief Caron.
Personnel Change:  Effective earlier this week Derik McLeod tenured his resignation, we thank Derik for his 5 years of service to our community.
Duty Officer:  The Duty Officer for this weekend is Capt 8-4 Lang

Deputy Chief Johnston