Friday, March 13, 2015

Weekly Update for Friday, March 13, 2015.

Open Shifts: May 13 19-07. May 14 07-19.

Fires in Hollis and Alfred: On Wednesday morning we went mutual aid to Hollis for a fire in a garage attached to a house. Hollis held the fire in the garage with minimal damage to the house. Engine 84 and its crew of 2 were on scene for a little less than one hour. As Engine 84 was clearing, we were called to a structure fire on Blueberry Hill Rd in Alfred. The fire was in a 24x36 shed that contained a wood fired boiler and lots of cord wood. We shuttled water from the hydrant at George Roberts. Engine 81, Ladder 82 and Engine 84 responded. We had about 9 Firefighters respond to the scene. 2 covered Rescue 85 at the station with a Saco Engine.  Awesome turnout for a fire at 0700. Thanks!

Alfred Road Crashes: Just when you thought the rumble strips made all things safe, we had a crash Thursday morning. Icy roads. Rescue 85 responded with 2, no manpower for Engine 84, we called for a mutual aid Engine. Alfred Engine 2 responded with 2. Patient sign-off. Considering the time of day, 0700, things went well. Mutual aid saved us again. Very early Friday morning (about 0100) we headed back the the Alfred Road for another crash. Weather was not an issue with this crash. Speed and driver inattention. This was a roll over and early reports couldn't confirm the  number of patients. Rescue 85, Engine 84 and Rescue 86 got on the road, we also started Alfred Engine 2 and Rescue 1. Two patients were transported one serious. Looking at the vehicles, they hit hard. Incredible damage. One vehicle slid down Route 111 on its roof for about 200 feet. Both patients are very lucky. They both self extricated. Seat belts, air bags and well constructed vehicles.

Best of Luck Chris Ray!  Let's all send some well wishes to Chris. Chris is in the testing process of his paramedic course.

Call Volume: To date for 2015 we're at call #176! We're 61 calls ahead of this time last year.
We're still averaging 2.5 calls per day.

Frost Heaves: With Spring, (yes, I said Spring!) comes the traditional Maine frost heave. You're probably quite familiar.  Please keep frost heaves in mind when responding to calls.  DO NOT take apparatus over posted roads during routine travel and driver training. We are to only go over posted roads for emergencies.  Lists if posted roads are on Town websites.

Engine 83:  I sent around more pics today. Things are coming along and we're still on schedule for a mid-May delivery.  Tables are set up in the bay were the equipment for the Engine is being staged. An inventory list is being developed.

Coffee Break Training: Alive on Arrival - Techniques for Improved Emergency Vehicle Operations.  Alive on Arrival  Learning Objective: The student will be able to identify techniques for improved safety during emergency vehicle operations.

Bloodborne Pathogens Online Course new to MEMSED: To make it easier for us to comply with the OSHA/BLS requirement for training in the dangers of and precautions against Bloodborne Pathogens.  Maine EMS has developed a 1.5 hour online course.  This comprehensive six-unit course will provide the following information:
-Overview & news related to bloodborne pathogens
-Scanning for risks
-Understanding risks - what diseases can be transmitted
-Protecting against bloodborne pathogens
-Eliminating the pathogens - decontaminating equipment and surfaces
-Reporting requirements
This training, combined with the review of your site-specific plan (GMFR Directive 2312), will satisfy the annual requirement. You will receive 1.5 hours of CEH's upon successful completion. This course can be found on the Maine EMS Education (MEMSEd) system at

MFSI Director's BiWeely Update. Please follow this link to the MFSI update,   This issue contains an interesting article regarding the National Fire Academy and the 2005 REAL Act. Firefighters from Maine are going to have difficulty getting on to the NFA campus because Maine is one of only six states who's driver licences don't comply with the REAL Act. 

Events Next Week: Tuesday: 1830 EMS Training Airway Mgmt. at Arundel. Wednesday: 1830 SCBA Refresh/PAT. Thursday: 1830 Fire Commission.

Duty Officer; LT Sarto.

Have a great weekend,

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