Friday, October 30, 2015

Weekly update for Friday, October 30, 2015

It's Friday, again?! Halloween is tomorrow. We'll be set up to handle trick or treaters.  Don't forget to set your clocks back Saturday night. Yes! an extra hour of sleep! Change your smoke alarm batteries too.
Open Shifts:: November:  8, 10, 17, 23, 25. all 0700-1900. FF/EVO1.
December: 1, 2, 3, 9, 11, 14, 31, all 0700-1900. FF/EVO1.

Christmas Holiday Coverage:
24th; 0700-1900 FF/EVO1. 1900-0700 EMT/FF/EVO2.
25th; 0700-1900; 2 vacancies. 1 must be an EMT.
(Holiday incentive pay applies after 1900 on 12/24.)
Live Burn:  This Sunday, November 11. Meet at the station at 0730.  This is a great training day for structural firefighters. It's also a great opportunity for our EVO2's and EVO2's in training to get some pump time.
Coffee Break Training: Professional Development in the Modern Fire Service, Part 2 of 3
Learning Objective: The student will be able to understand the concept and tools of professional development as a lifelong commitment to their own education and safety.
EVO2 Test: Scheduled for November 13 at 0930.  This will also be a good time to get some EVO1 skills done. Such as operate the Squad pump.
EMS Documentation Class: November 4 at 1830 in West Kennebunk.
EMS Protocol Update Classes: These are instructor lead classes.
 Goodwins Mills: November 6 at 1800, November 14 at 0900.
 Buxton (Groveville Station): November 4 at 1000, November 5 at 1830.
 On-line at MEMSED
DEADLINE: December 1st.
Chili Cook off, Cribbage Tourney:  November 22 from noon to 1600 at the fire station. Sponsored by Dayton Parks & Rec.  Anyone interested in entering a winning Chili in the contest, there's a sign up on the bulletin board. The coveted "Golden Ladle" is on the line. Who are our cribbage champions?
SLICER-RS:  Last Saturday about 7 officers from Goodwins Mills (a total of about 50 in the class) attended a class called "Principles of Modern Fire Attack" put on by the International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) and hosted by Waterboro Fire.  Capt Harris, Capt Duross and I also attended the train-the-trainer on Sunday.  Principles of Modern Fire Attack teaches the tactical concept called "SLICE-RS" This is a link to a great article in the most recent edition of Firehouse magazine.
Most of you have probably heard me talk about SLICERS in the past and may have seen the Youtube videos. I've written an SOG on the topic and am reviewing that with the Deputy and Training Officer.  There are a lot of similarities with SLICERS, what we've always done. Yet some tactics that are very different from what we've been traditionally taught. Keep  this in mind; "There is never an always, and there is never a never".  Isolating the fire and controlling the flow of oxygen (ventilation) to the fire are actions we never considered in the past. Cooling the fire fast from the safest location is something never really gave a lot of thought about, either. Science has shown us, through NIST and FDNY experiments, that we need to control air flow or "flow path".  If we hit the fire fast, from the exterior (yes, put a line in a window) to "reset the fire" will gain us time. It will also make entry to the seat of the fire much easier and faster.
Per Diem Shifts:  In January we're going to make some adjustments to the full-time and per diem schedule. Also, EVO2 will be required for templeted or permanent per diem shift assignments.
EMR ISAC InfoGram  Click Here
1. Violence Against EMTs Prompts Training in Detroit
2. Drought and Public Health
3. Emergency Management's Cyber Risk
4. "Stop the Bleed" Public Service Campaign
EMS Region 1; At the Region 1 Council Meeting on 10/29/2015: Dr Mike Schmitz was elected as the Council Chair.  DChf Rich Kindelan was elected Vice-Chair.
Elected as representatives to the APEMS Board:
-Fire-Based EMS Representative: FF/P Brad Chicoine, Saco Fire
-Non-Fire-Based EMS Representative: Robert "Butch" Russell, NEMHS
-At-Large Representative: Chief Andy Turcotte, Westbrook Fire
Maine EMS Board Appointments (Governor's appointments)
- Chief Jeff Rowe, Kennebunk FD, was re-appointed as the Region 1 Representative
- FF/P Brad Chicoine was appointed to fill the vacant Municipal Representative Seat

The next meeting of the Region 1 Council will be January 27th from 10:30 - 12:30. Location: TBD
Fire Chief's Quarterly Report for the 3rd Quarter 2015 is posted on the website under Chief's Reports.   Click Here
Events Next Week:
Sunday; 0730 Live Fire Training at Hollis Training Facility.
Monday; 1800 C Co. Officers.
Tuesday; Voting Day. 1900 GMFRA.
Wednesday; 0930 Alpha Co. Officers 0930; EMS Protocol Class 1000 Groveville;
   EMS Docu Class 1830 West K.
Thursday;  EMS Protocol Class Groveville 1830; All Officers 1830.
Friday; EMS Protocol Class GMFR 1800.

Have a great weekend,

Roger S. Hooper, Fire Chief
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