Friday, December 4, 2015

Weekly Update for Friday, December 4, 2015

OPEN SHIFTS and Scheduling: December is filled. Thank you FF Martin and FF Tarbell for covering Christmas Day!   In January shifts open are 2, 23, 24 and 31.  As you may know, beginning in January, the requirement for permanently scheduled or "templeted" shifts is for a FF2/EVO2 or EMTB/FF2/EVO2. This is our preferred staffing level which we want to maintain as often as possible. For urgent or hard to fill shift vacancies FF/EVO1 is acceptable as a last resort to fill the shift.
New Paramedic: Congratulations to FF/EMTA Chris Ray on passing the paramedic exam! Good job!
New EVO1's: Congratulations to FF Jamie Mouzas and FF Wes Loignon for passing the EVO1 driver test!  Awesome!
Respiratory Questionnaires:  It's that time of year again. The respiratory questionnaires are in your mail slots. Please complete them, seal them in the envelope provided, and return it to Captain Harris.
Annual physicals are due next month. There is a proposed change to the personnel policy to change this requirement. The change will do a couple things. Only interior firefighters, those who enter the IDLH, will require an annual physical. All others, (those who won't go into the IDLH) will only be required to have a physical every 3 years. The Fire Commission has approved this change, we now need each Board of Selectmen to approve it.
December 12th:  This is going to be a busy Saturday.  The Blood Drive will be going on from 0900-1400. Lyman Parks & Rec will be hosting a visit from Santa Clause from 1600-1800.  The Ice Water Rescue class will be going on at West K from 0800-1200.    We'll need some help working on the Blood Drive (contact Chris Ray) and setting up for Santa's visit.
Dayton Holiday Fair: The Dayton Community Club is holding their annual Holiday Fair Dec 5th from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. at the Dayton School.
Ice Derby Raffle Tickets:  They make great Christmas gifts!
Coffee Break Training: Collaboration or Cooperation?
Learning Objective: The student will be able to define and understand the use of the terms "collaboration" and "cooperation" as a leader.
EMR-ISAC InfoGram for December 3, 2015 contains the following articles:
1. OHA: Resources for Active Shooter Response
2. Securing Emergency Vehicles and Equipment
3. Mental Illness Response Overloads Departments
A link to the InfoGram is here.  A copy is on the bulletin board.

Prevalence of Untreated Severe Mental Illness in U.S. Communities Places
Unmanageable Burden on First Responders and Law Enforcement; This is a rather interesting paper. It's lengthy, but worth reading.
Search & Rescue Training: The December FF training topic is Search & Rescue. We have reserved MFSI's  SCBA training trailer. It will be here the week of December 14th. Let's make good use of it while it's here.
Advanced EMT Class:  YCCC and APEMS will be holding a AEMT course in Biddeford starting this January. If you're interested, please come talk with me.
NFPA and USFA launch “Put a Freeze on Winter Fires” campaign to promote home fire safety during winter months. The weather outside may be frightful this winter, but a fire in your home is far from delightful. Unfortunately, the risk of home fire increases during the winter months. To help you educate the public about winter fire hazards and ways to prevent them, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the United States Fire Administration (USFA) teamed up to promote “Put a Freeze on Winter Fires”. The annual campaign, now in its fifth year, shares safety tips for you to share with the public to help them stay fire safe. Each week during December, January and February, USFA will provide helpful, practical tips you can share with the public through your social media channels to help them make their homes and families safer. Follow #wintersafety on Twitter at @usfire and on Facebook at
For additional fire safety and prevention information, visit USFA. And remember: Fire Is Everyone’s Fight!
Last week I discussed George Washington and  his desire for gratitude to be part of the national culture for the new America. I harped on gratitude for the people we serve. There is another aspect of gratitude that I left out. The gratitude that we need to express to each other. Gratitude for the contributions each of you make to our team everyday. The group who took the EVO1 test this morning; the crew from Alfred that responded to our MVA at 0530 this morning;  the time and effort our newest paramedic has devoted; Our two firefighters who volunteered to be on duty on Christmas Day; our spouses and children who support us. I can go on and on listing the things each of you do for our community everyday.  Thank you!
Events Next week: Monday: Special Select Board meeting 1730 at Lyman Town Hall; Tuesday: EMS Training 1830; Wednesday; EMA Storm drill (all day);  Thursday; Fire Commission 1830; Juniors 1830. Friday: R86 cover Kennebunk 1700-2300; Saturday: Blood Drive, Ice Water Class, Santa Visit.
I'll be out of town this weekend for Reserves. I'll also be away the week of December 14th.

Have a great weekend,

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