Friday, January 8, 2016

Weekly Update for Friday, January 8, 2016

OPEN SHIFTS: January: Saturday 1/23; both positions 0700-1900. One must be EMT.
February: no vacancies. March: Tuesday 1/16; 0700-1900. Sunday 1/31 0700-1900 must be EMT.
Past Blogs;  I understand that the e-mail notice for last Friday's blog and the Friday before didn't go out. I'm blaming Google.  The link to the Weblog site is; That site has the current blog and an archive of past blogs.  On the right side about half way down is a link to click to sign up for automatic e-mails whenever something new is posted.  As a back up, I'm going to send this as an e-mail also.
Annual Core Training (HOT HOT HOT):  January 18th at 1800 we conduct the training. All core topics will be covered that night. The HAZMAT refresher will be provided by Training Technologies International. I think you'll find the class entertaining and interesting. The topic will be on flamible and combustible liquids and polar & non-polar solvents. Their behavior under fire and effects foam have on them. This is very fitting for us since Engine 83 does have a Class A and B foam system.
Please make every attempt to complete this on the 18th.  A make up is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 22 at 0830.  Please let your company officer know ASAP which session you will be attending.
Annual Awards:  Nomination forms are on teh web site.   Please give some thought to who is deserving of an award and nominate them. Please submit your nominations before January 30th.
Ice Fishing Derby:  February 6th is the date.  Help is needed to set things up on the day of. A sign up is on the bulletin board.   Keep pushing the raffle tickets!
New Dry  Hydrant: Across from 37 Guay's Lane in Dayton. The hydrant is about 200 feet off the cul-du-sac. There is plenty of room to turn tankers around.
Ladder 82: The 160 amp alternator has been replaced with a 270.  This takes care of our charging issue and one of the Cat 1 inspection hits.  It is scheduled next week to have the welding done on the basket rail. That is the only other Cat 1.  Then we'll work on the remaining Cat 2 hits.
Engines 83 and 84:  Safety nets have been installed on the cross lays and hose beds. Please familarize yourself with the quick release hooks on the nets. Also...on spot chains are installed on E83. Also, a new LDH wye valve our "water supply valve" is in the rear compartment on E83. (the cribbing in now in the right forward compartment). This valve is to be dropped with the 5-inch when laying a supply line. Use of this valve will allow us to cycle tankers through without interrupting water flow. More training to follow.
Running Cards:  Our running cards have been updated.  SOG 3321 refers.  More information will be posted.
IV KIts: SOG 3641 refers to sealing the IV kits in the red jump kits. This change is designed to make inventory and restock simpler.
Quarterly Training Plan: SOG 3201,  this SOG out lines a training plan based on quarterly  topics. I want to have a training program that allows individuals to complete training on their schedule, yet have opportunities for team training as well. The training program also needs to meet requirements of ISO, BLS, Maine EMS and NFPA. A lot of  moving pieces.  Below is an out line from SOG 3201:
4.1) Quarterly Training Book is broken into 4 sections with a sub section for each month of the  Quarter.
4.1.1) Training of the Month
4.1.2) CEH of the Month
4.1.3) Knot of the Month
4.1.4) Policy of the Month
4.2) Logging Completion and DataTrac Entries
4.2.1)   Rosters are provided for each of the training's included in the book.  Each employee will sign their name and provide the date it was completed.
4.2.2) The responsible officer will provide their employee number to verify that the employee(s) has successfully completed the objectives.
4.2.3) A single DataTrac report will be compiled at the end of each quarter with all of the employees completing the given objectives on one roster.
4.2.4) In the case that employee(s) need to be compensated for a training, it will be entered into DataTrac using the Training Code of 1119 General Training.

The orange quarterly training binders are kept in the  Ops Room.
Medical Screening and Physicals:  Respiratory questionnaires are at Workwell.  Those who require physicals will be scheduled. Those who are employed full-time by another FD, can submit documentation from there employer's physician that they are medically fit for IDLH duty.  Directive 2111 and the Personnel Policy contain more details.
Annual PPE Inspections: A binder is located in the OPS Room. Inspection forms are filed in the binder by Company.  Please assure that your inspections are completed by March 31, 2016.  Once the inspection form completed, place forms in Capt Duross' mail slot.  For repair issues, you do NOT need to do a work order, Capt Duross will do these from your forms.  If there is an item that needs immediate attention, please notify Capt Duross or DC Johnston asap.  The Maintenance Requirement Cards for each article of clothing is also in the binder for reference. 
ISAC-EMR InfoGram: The EMR-ISAC InfoGram for January 7, 2016 contains the following articles:
1. Preparing for Unseasonal Disasters
2. 2015 Human Trafficking Arrests by ICE
3. Fire Department - Needs Assessment Survey
4. Upcoming Cyber-Focused Webinars and Training
Violent Scenes:  We see this more often in the news. There is a national trend in violence towards First responders. It's something we need to be vigilant for, but is can't paralyze us from doing our job. Tough thing to balance.  Dispatchers can give you a good "feel" for what's going on. Don't ever hesitate to ask "is the scene safe?"  Don't arrive on scene alone.  If the situation gets bad, leave. For us law enforcement is delayed by travel time or may be unavailable. If you ask for a Trooper, and one isn't available, have dispatch check on availability of a Sheriff or a Game Warden. The safety of you and your crew is the top priority.
Coffee Break Training: Human Trafficking   This isn't something that just occurs in remote third world countries. It is happening right here in Maine. There are many things we're required to report to DHHS by law. Child abuse, elder abuse, etc.  At the moment, we don't have a legal responsibility to report human trafficking, we do have a moral responsibility. If you see something, say something.
Learning Objective: The student will be able to recognize the signs of human trafficking.
Testers Needed:  APEMS will be conducting a Basic EMT Psychomotor exam on Saturday, January 23 at the School building in North Yarmouth.  They have 20 students and need testers, EMT assistants, and victims. Testers would need to arrive by 7am, and we will pay you $16/hour for your time. If you are available to help, please call Cyndie at 974-4880 to register.
Events Next Week: Thursday 1830 Juniors.   I'll be away next week from Tuesday to Friday.

Be safe,

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