Friday, December 5, 2014

Weekend Update; Friday, December 5, 2014

Changes to the Weekly E-mail:  I'm going start preparing this weekly e-mail as a blog instead of an e-mail.  I'll continue to send it as an e-mail for awhile longer.  The link to the "Chief 81 Blog"

Open Shifts: December 27th 1300-1900. January 14th 0700-1900. February 26th 0700-1900. March 6th 0700-1900.  Thanks to all of you who've covered shifts. Especially those of you who've covered vacancies on short notice. A special thanks to those that are covering Holiday shifts. THANK YOU!

Cardiac Code: Thank you and good job to those who responded to the code Thursday morning. The code team worked as practiced. Arundel's crew meshed in seamlessly. Unfortunately, the outcome wasn't what we had hoped for.

Call Coverage: We've become accustom to having the students do a lot of the heavy lifting at night. Winter break is upon us soon and we'll be without the students for a few weeks. We are going to need call force response on ALL CALLS. Definitely a driver for the ambulance.

Call Volume for November: We answered 71 calls in November. 11 were storm related. 36 were medical. 8 motor vehicle crashes, 12 were fire related, 4 public assistance. So far this year we've answered 609 calls for service.

Congratulations to our newest EVOs:  Justin Pierce and Michelle Ray final qualified as EVO1.  Dylan Martin also completed final qualification as an EVO2.

Hospital Face Sheets and Fire Alarm Time Sheets:  We've set up a locked folder on the share drive for these documents. The photo copier has been programmed to scan these sheet directly to the folder. Please start scanning hospital face sheets to "PCR Documents" and the fire alarm time sheets to "Incident Documents". Once scanned shred the originals or put them in the Chief's mail slot.
Please DO NOT leave them lying around the station or in the ambulance. These documents contain personal information that we must protect. That "preservation of property" thing we do.

Waterboro FD in the News:  In case you missed it, WFD made national headlines yesterday.  Captain Tom Lagnevin is credited with saving Dakota, a golden retriever, after the dog fell through the ice on Little Ossippee.  Dog Rescued from Lake Ossippee   This is another obvious reminder that the local ponds and lakes are not completely frozen over.  BE READY!  Have you looked over our ice rescue equipment lately? Who are our Ice Water Rescue Technicians?

Worcester 6: 15 years ago this month, (December 3rd, to be exact) Worcester Fire Department lost six Firefighters in a vacant warehouse. The Line of Duty Deaths of Worcester Firefighters Paul A. Brotherton, Timothy P. Jackson, Jeremiah M. Lucey, James F. "Jay" Lyons III, Joseph T. McGuirk, and Lt. Thomas E. Spencer.

The Giving Tree: Tags are still available at the Lyman Town Hall. Please have tags and unwrapped gifts for the Giving Tree t the Town Hall by December 16th. Please help a child this Christmas.

Dayton Historical Preservation Committee: The 2015 Calendars are in, the cost is $12.00. For those of you that don't know, the photographs used in the calendar are of places and people of years past. They are currently for sale at the Dayton town office. If you are unable to get into the office and would like to have one mailed to you, please mail a check for $14.03 to the town office, ($12.00 +$2.03 postage). Please make checks payable to the "Town of Dayton" and mail to: Town of Dayton, Calendar Sales, 33 Clarks Mills Rd., Dayton, ME  04005.

Here's the latest from the  U.S.Fire AdministrationUSFA December 2014 Newsletter

Biddeford Fire Dept Hiring; BFD is accepting applications through January 5, 2015. For more information and an application go to

Events Next week: Tuesday: EMS training/Down firefighter at 1830; Thursday: New student interviews at 1700.

Navy Reserve: I'll be out of state this weekend for the Navy.

Duty Officer: Friday 1900 to Saturday at 1900: Capt Duross. Saturday 1900 to Sunday 2359: Lt Roma.

Have a safe weekend,

Roger S. Hooper, Fire Chief
Goodwins Mills Fire-Rescue
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Lyman, ME 04002
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