Friday, December 12, 2014

Weekend Update, Friday, December 12, 2014

Changes to the Weekly E-mail:  I'm going start preparing this weekly e-mail as a blog instead of an e-mail.  I'll continue to send it as an e-mail for awhile longer.  The link to the "Chief 81 Blog"  Beginning January 1st the e-mail version of this update will be discontinued. Please let me know if you are having any difficulties opening this blog.
Open shifts: December: 20th 1300-1900. January: 14th 0700-1900; February: 2, 13 and 17. all 0700-1900; March:  2, 6, 30. All 0700-1900.

Today's Code: Good job this afternoon.

Events this weekend:  Saturday 0900-1400; Blood Drive. FF Chris Ray is  heading this up. I'm sure he can use some help.  Saturday at 1700 Santa Claus arrives at the station. Capt Lang is heading up this event. Help is needed getting things set up. We're going to start setting up at 1500.  The Army-Navy game is this weekend also. Go Navy!

Our Commitment: During the Holiday Season we see an increase in call volume. Winter brings more car crashes, home heating problems, mental health calls, water problems, falls, storms, etc. Bottom line, we're busier over Christmas. As First Responders there are more demands on us this time of year. We have to deal with other peoples' problems, and our own. Our own personal issues, family, work, Christmas shopping, finances, life marches on.  Then responding to calls we have to deal with traffic, inclement weather, missing family events, being out late at night or early morning, being late for work or very tired at work, the call itself, the list goes on and on. We have to make sacrifices that the general public doesn't have to make. Sacrifices that they don't understand. Most are appreciative of what we do, some are not, but either way, each of us has made the commitment to the community to handle their emergencies, real or perceived. Sacrifice and commitment go hand-in-hand. That's the character of a hero. We've had a couple instances recently when we didn't meet the commitment. A call to Barker's Pond where the crew on scene called for lift assistance. No one responded. Last weekend we had a HAZMAT call on the Walker Road. The on duty crew was going to be tied up for awhile. A text went out asking that anyone available put themselves on I AM Responding as available to cover the next call. No one signed on. We had a crew in Waterboro recently on Waterboro's 3rd alarm, and then had a call in our town. No one responded on the second call. I know the entire fire department wasn't in Waterboro. On a positive note, when we were at Biddeford's recent 3rd alarm, our rescue did cover a call for Arundel.  Calls aren't going to happen at convenient times and all of you aren't going to be available all of the time. But, each of us have to answer calls, even when it's not convenient for us. That's part of the job. That's what we sign up for.  We all have to work as a team and that means sharing the sacrifices. Please, when the tone goes off your help is needed. I know it's hard to get out of a warm bed, but, our families, friends and neighbors are counting on us.

Live-in Student Update: Winter break begins this weekend. The students will be on break for a few weeks. We are going to need call force response on ALL CALLS. Definitely a driver for the ambulance. This afternoon we said fairwell to Brandon Dagneau. Brandon is going back to Poland. We've begun interview for two new students. Hopefully those vacancies will be filled by the end of winter break.

Annual Training: It's getting to be that time of year. Annual BLS required training. Posted on the bulletin board is the training announcement. January 20th at 1800 and January 31 at 0900. Fit testing, gear inspection and medical exams are coming due soon too.

EMS Ops Meeting: On Thursday, 12/18 at 1600 we're going to meet to discuss the make up of our EMS jump kits. 

LODD:  It seems like I get these LODD e-mails on a daily basis. This past week a Hardin County Tennessee Firefighter died from injuries received when the fire department tanker he was operating in response to a working structure fire collided head-on with a loaded logging truck.  On Tuesday a Philadelphia PA Firefighter was killed after becoming trapped in a basement fire of a single family home.  What would you do if......?

AEMT & Paramedic Refresher Class:  NCTI is hosting an ALS refresher class in Arundel starting January 9th.  FMI: NCTI ALS Refresher Arundel

Basic EMT class at YCCC Wells: Starts February 3 will run1800-2200 Tuesdays and Thursdays. FMI contact Skip Dore    741-7290

Holmatro Game: This is a pretty cool site Holmatro Game

Events next week: Tuesday: 1830 EMS ALS Skills. Thursday: 1600 EMS Ops Mtg; 1830 EMS ALS skills. 1830 Fire Commission.

Duty Officer: Lt Johnston 1800 Friday to 1900 Saturday. Capt Duross 1900 Saturday to 1900 Sunday. After 1900 Chief  Hooper. 

Have a great weekend,

Roger S. Hooper, Fire Chief
Goodwins Mills Fire-Rescue
481 Goodwins Mills Road
Lyman, ME 04002
Office: 207-499-7878
Station: 207-499-2362
Fax: 207-499-2893