Friday, December 19, 2014

Weekend Update, Friday, December 19, 2014

Changes to the Weekly E-mail:  I'm going start preparing this weekly e-mail as a blog instead of an e-mail.  I'll continue to send it as an e-mail for awhile longer.  The link to the "Chief 81 Blog"  Beginning January 1st the e-mail version of this update will be discontinued. Please let me know if you are having any difficulties opening this blog.


A very busy week to say the least. In last week's blog I ranted a bit on the need for call force response to calls. Many of you stepped up this past week, Thanks!  In the past 7 days we collected 27 pints of blood for the Red Cross, hosted over 100 people at Santa's visit, received 21 new likes on our Facebook page, topping at 1,211. My pitch for Home Smoke Detectors after the Brookside Drive fire passed 1700 views in it's first 12 hours on the site. In the last week we answered 25 calls for service. 4 of them were mutual aid, 3 were desk boxes. We saved a life; came incredibly close to delivering a baby; saved a family's home; despite our best efforts we lost a life yesterday; we transported an elderly lady who's chief complaint was palpitations, but more likely simple fear or loneliness. Minus a hazmat or a water rescue, we ran the gamut of what we do. Each of you performed admirably. For that I am extremely appreciative and incredibly proud. You've given me the best Christmas gift a Fire Chief could receive. Thanks!

Awesome stop by the first arriving Firefighters! Capt Hooper, Capt Harris, Engine 84=Lt Sarto, FF Ray.

The morning after the Brookside Drive fire, I met with Allen Brumer and Sharon Race, the owners, Sharon told me that her 10 year old daughter had come home from school one day in the fall after we had done the fire safety class. Her daughter made sure the smoke detectors had new batteries, the family had 2 exits, and a pre-planned place to meet in the event of a fire. It paid off for this family.

Lois Austin: Lois passed away at home this week. We responded for the unattended. Lois was a charter member of the former GMFD, Inc. Ladies Auxiliary back in the 80's. Her late husband, Ernie, was a Lieutenant on the department for many years.

FD Budget:  Last night I presented my preliminary budget for 2015-2016 to the Fire Commission. This budget is relatively flat. As part of our Capital Equipment Replacement Plan, I am requesting funding to replace our current Lifepak 12 and Zoll M with two Lifepak 15's cardiac monitors. I'm also requesting replacement of Rescue 86, funds to repair hydraulic cylinders on Ladder 82 and body work for Engine 81. The commission will be holding a meeting on January 7th specifically to discuss the budget for next year.

Annual Respiratory Questionnaires: Respiratory Questionnaires are in your mailboxes. Please complete these at your earliest convenience. After completing please place these in the wooden box on the wall of the EMS Closet.

Coffee Break Training:  What is the Insurance Services Office? (Part 1)
Learning Objective: The student will be able to understand the history of the Insurance Services Office and community fire risk management.

Maine Weekend at NFA:  May 29-31. Flyer and applications are on the bulletin board. 1st priority will be given to FF2's who've never been to the NFA,

EMT ALS Refresher:  Coming to the Arundel Fire Station this winter. Flyer is on the bulletin board.

Basic EMT Class:  A basic EMT class will be held at York County Community College in Wells this winter. A flyer is on the bulletin board.

Attention to Detail:   While I am very pleased with the outcome of the Brookside Drive fire, a couple concerns did arise. Many people arrived at entry control without a tool. This wasn't confined to any one fire department. Remember, you need a tool to get the work done. When we got back to the station, (officers....this one's on you) some items didn't get put back into service properly. It's imperative that EVERYTHING is READY for the next call. When we think everything is ready, double check it all.

Hot Packs: Be very careful when using hot pack. A patient has been burned recently by the packs overheating. They can get to over 127 degrees. MMC has collected manufacturer data and reported the problem. Don't apply to bare skin, be sure there is air exchange above and below hot pack and check the patient regularly to ensure no burning.   DOCUMENT!

Open Shifts: At the moment all shifts through March are filled. There are some per diem shifts that are unassigned and are typically open on a regular basis. If you're interested in being assigned a per diem shift on a regular scheduled basis, and are qualified, please contact the Deputy.
Available shifts:  A1 Shift Wednesdays; B2 Shift Thursdays; B2 Shift Fridays; C1 Shifts Saturdays;
D1 Shifts Saturdays (ALS); D1 Shifts Saturday Nights (ALS)

Maine Federation of Firefighters Winter Newsletter   MSFFF Winter Newsletter 

Events next week: Thursday, Christmas Day. We've been asked to do a Hospice move for person on Christmas morning. Basically, move the person from upstairs to downstairs.  The on-duty crew will probably need some help with this detail. Stand by....more to follow.

Vacation:  I am taking some vacation days next week. I'm in a use or loose situation.  This will be a "working vacation".  I'll be in the area and at the station from time-to-time.

Delta Company Meeting: Since this meeting conflicts with Christmas, Capt Duross has rescheduled to January 7th.

Chief's Call; The next Chief's Call is scheduled for Dec. 30 at 1830.

Duty Officer: This weekend is Lt Daniels.

Have a great weekend, thanks for all you do!

Merry Christmas,

Roger S. Hooper, Fire Chief
Goodwins Mills Fire-Rescue
481 Goodwins Mills Road
Lyman, ME 04002
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