Friday, December 26, 2014

Weekend Update, Friday, December 26, 2014.

This is the last update for 2014. It's also the last one to be sent via e-mail. In 2015, these updates will be published on the Chief 81 Blog. The link to Chief 81 Blog is;
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Another busy week. 14 runs in the past 7 days. I want to thank everyone who's responded to calls in the past few days. Especially to those of you who've responded to the late night/early morning calls. We only missed one. Christmas Eve at about 2130. Luckily, Arundel was available to help out. The River Road fire on Tuesday went quite well. Great turnout from Goodwins Mills and a very good stop by Biddeford's first arriving crews.  On Wednesday morning we had a rather unique and delicate call. Extricating a patient from there home. Lots of  creative thinking and ingenuity went into this call. Capt Lang did a terrific job as Ops. Response from Biddeford and Arundel were impressive. The dispatchers went above and beyond to find a lift truck and a bariatric ambulance. Special Hazards 34 was called for its cribbing material. Awesome job by all involved!

Student Update: I've offered one position to Cole Tarbell, pending physical and test. Cole comes from Mt. Holly, Vermont.  We have 3 others scheduled for interviews on January 13.

Award Nominations: It's that time of year again. Nominations for Firefighter of the Year and the Leadership Award.  Firefighter of the Year is awarded to the Firefighter who has excelled over the past year in attendance at emergency calls, training, and functions of the department. This person must have been active member for the entire year and have contributed to the development of the department. This person must have demonstrated a positive attitude and commitment towards the fire service, his/her peers and the public. The recipient has demonstrated qualities that are considered to be above the norm for a call firefighter. This person must have qualities that can be identified as role model and reflect favorably on the department.   To nominate someone for Firefighter of the Year go to

The Leadership Award is awarded to the employee who has demonstrated exceptional leadership the department over the past year.  This person must possess sound and demonstrated leadership qualities, both in administration and operations. The recipient has demonstrated initiative to improve the department. Leads by example, shows respect and is respected by peers, subordinates and superiors. Has demonstrated a high degree of dedication toward the mission of the department. What would be considered above the norm of a typical employee. This person must have been active in emergency calls, meetings, trainings, been a strong proponent in the progression of the department. This person must demonstrate qualities of a role model of his/her position. To nominate someone for the Leadership Award go to: 

Regulation 1108 has more information on the awards program.

Community Risk Reduction: This is a phrase you'll be hearing about more in the next few months. I want to establish a CRR branch in our department. FMI Go to

Patient Care Reports (PCR):  GMFR Directive 2342 lists procedures for completing patient care reports. A copy of this Directive is on the bulletin board in the Ops Room. Please look it over.

Girl Scout Shoes:  The local Girl Scout Troop is collecting shoes to raise money for a trip to Europe. In the watch desk is a drop off box, please bring in your old shoes or boots for a good cause. Contact Lt Daniels if you have any questions.

Coffee Break Training:  What is the Insurance Services Office? (Part 2)
Learning Objective: The student will be able to understand the history of the Insurance Services Office and community fire risk management. (PDF 102 KB). More information on ISO can be found at

Fire Alarm Sheets; Please do not toss them into the recycle bin. These documents need to be shredded. They do contain PII.  Addresses, phone numbers, people's names, etc. Either shred them or put them in the Chief's mail slot.

Open Shifts: All filled through the end of March. There are some shifts that are available to be assigned. If you'd be interested in a permanent shift, contact the Deputy.

Duty Officer: Lt Sarto until 1300 Saturday. Capt Hooper 1300-1900 Saturday, Lt Sarto 1900 Saturday to 2359 Sunday.

Events next week: Chief's Call Tuesday at 1830.

Have a great weekend,