Friday, January 2, 2015

Weekend Update, Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year! It is my hope that 2015 will be as productive, or more so, than 2014 was for our department.  We ended 2014 with 663 calls for service. Our second busiest year. (2012 was our busiest ever with 714 calls.)  2014 was an eventful year; We ordered our first ever custom rescue-pumper. Our cardiac code team has had several measurable successes. We built stronger reliability into our radio system. We saw an increase in heroine related calls. We responded to fewer crashes on Route 111. We added 24 hour staffing to the fire station. And I managed to really confuse everyone by changing the radio numbers. Within the next couple weeks the Deputy will have the end of the year statistics compiled for the annual report.  Thanks everyone for your service to our community over the past year. You each should be proud of your contributions.

Cold Weather:  I know it's rather obvious, it's cold. Please, when responding to calls, dress for the weather. When on a call, keep an eye on each other.

Gear Inspections:  It's time for annual turnout gear inspections. This is a task that you really should be doing throughout the year. Inspection forms will be distributed soon. This is also a very good time to wash your turnout gear.

Upcoming Annual Training;  Announcements and dates are on the bulletin board. January 20th is the primary date, January 31st is the make-up. This training is a mandatory requirement from the Bureau of Labor Standards.  EVERYONE is REQUIRED to complete this training.

Respiratory Questionnaires:  Copies are in your mail slot. If you haven't done so yet, please complete the questionnaire and return to Capt Harris. Everyone has to complete a questionnaire weather you wear a respirator or not. The respiratory standard is linked to our annual member physicals.

EVO Training: The Engineers routinely meet a couple Sunday's a month. This is a great opportunity for some very good training. These dates are on the battle rhythm calendar. The next date is Sunday, January 9th at 0900.

I AM RESPONDING: At Chief's Call last Tuesday, the use of IAR was discussed. Please use this tool regularly! I've also asked fire alarm to discontinue putting names on the radio, with regard to who's responding. In place of names, I've asked that they just say how many people are on the board.

EMS Bags:  The Blue and Red EMS Jump Kits on Rescue 85 & 86 have been reworked to improve efficiency. The changes will also consolidate equipment for Code Team needs.  It should also simplify things on the majority of our EMS runs.  SOG 3637 and 3638 out line the changes and will assist with restocking.

Awards:  Award nomination forms:  to nominate someone for Firefighter of the Year go to
. To nominate someone for the Leadership Award go to:    Regulation 1108 has more information on the awards program.

Banquet; At this Tuesday night's (1/6) Association meeting, the banquet committee will be formed. If you have any ideas for the banquet contact Norm Bilodeau.  Better yet, come the Tuesday's meeting.

Engine 83:  I want to start preparing equipment for the new engine. We're going to set up a table in the bay for equipment that needs cleaning, painting, minor refurb, etc. in preparation for installation. Construction on the new engine should begin at the end of hte month. Once in production Pierce will send us weekly progress updates and photographs.

Maintenance Requirement Cards: In a binder in the bays by the white board are our new and evolving Maintenance Requirement Cards (MRC's). These are also in Data Trac. These MRCs outline steps involved in a maintenance check, truck checks, equipment check, This will be a continuing process to create and update these over time. The primary purpose is to provide the "How to" and "Why" when it comes to maintenance.

Junior Adviser:  FF Dylan Martin will be taking the reins on the junior firefighter program.

Students: Interviews set for January 13th.

Events next week: Tuesday; 1900 GMFRA, Wednesday; Fire Commission Budget 1830.

Military Leave: I will be on military leave from January 11-30th.

Have a great weekend,

Roger S. Hooper, Fire Chief
Goodwins Mills Fire-Rescue
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Lyman, ME 04002
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