Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weekend Update, Sunday, February 2, 2015

We survived Winter Storm Juno!  I want to thank everyone who stepped up to cover the station, plow snow, including the Dayton Snow Fighters, and respond to calls in during the storm.  Last week we responded to 26 calls for service. Only 5 were a direct result of the storm. We ended the month of January with 82 calls for service.  Our second busiest month ever! (October 2012 was our busiest ever with 86 calls.)

The Next Storm: It's already being called "The Ground Hog Day Storm". The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for 0400 Monday to 0100 Tuesday. They're calling for 6-10 inches, winds 10-20 MPH with gusts to 35 MPH. Temps 5 below to 12 above.  I may put extra staff on Monday night, we'll see how the storm shapes up tomorrow.

Snow Plowing with our Service Truck: When you're plowing snow, drive slow! Speed makes for sloppy plowing and hitting the bank to hard will damage the plow frame and the truck's frame. You do not want to be in my office explaining to me how and why you broke the taxpayer's snow plow!

Old Orchard Beach: Another OOB fire. This was primarily a call for lots of ambulances to evacuate a retirement home. I understand R85 had one of the transports from that call. Great job by all involved!

Annual Physicals & Fit Testing: Once you've scheduled and completed your physical Workwell will send me a notice that you're done and cleared (or not) for SCBA use. Over the next few weeks we'll be scheduling Fit tests.

IV Fluid Warming: SOG 3304/IV Fluid Heating has been updated. Bags in the heater will be tagged and marked. Bags can only be heated once. We will cycle bags on a 14-day rotation. Please review the updated SOG.

I AM Responding:  I'm probably beginning to sound like a broken record, but, Please use the I AM RESPONDING when responding to calls. Even if you're already at the station.  When we go on out of town calls, if you're available to responded to an in-town call, please put yourself on I AM RESPONDING as "available".  This tool in indispensable! It give fire alarm an idea of who's responding. It also helps the incident commander make decisions on calling mutual aid and other resources.

Awards Banquet:  The association is planning the awards banquet. More to follow on that soon.
Award nominations forms are posted on the website  If there is someone you think is deserving of recognition, nominate them.

Maine State Weekend at the NFA:  Applications are due soon. A flyer is on the bulletin board.  First priority is for officers, second priority is for Firefighter II's who've never been to the NFA.

EMT IC CEH Class:  March 9 & 10.  Location:  Westbrook Fire Department
Days:  Monday, March 9 and Monday, March 10. Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Cost- $50.00 per day or $80.00 for both days.
Description- This will be 2 days dedicated to refining the art of writing your own tests.  Day 1 will be spent on general knowledge multiple choice questions and day 2 will be spent on writing scenario based questions.  Each student will be asked to submit questions prior to the class to have a base of questions from which can be practiced on.  Students can register for both days or either day individually.  Here is the link  click education on the dashboard, then specialty education 2015 from drop down menu.  The IC class will be found under specialty education.

Events Next Week: Tuesday 1900 GMFRA; Thursday 1830 All Officers. Sunday 2/8 at 0900 Engineer Training Day.


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