Friday, February 6, 2015

Weekly Update, Friday, February 6, 2015

OPEN SHIFT:  Feb 18; Wednesday, 0700-1900. May 13 Wednesday 1900-0700; May 14 Thursday 0700-1900.

Military Deployments: FF Wes Loignon is still deployed to the Horn of Africa. Wes's deployment should be ending soon. I expect  him home sometime this month.  LT Chris Carpenter is now mobilized and will soon be headed to Afghanistan.

Acting Appointments: Engineer Nicole Steiner is appointed to the rank of Acting Lieutenant. LT Steiner will be filling LT Carpenter's role in C Company (Training). Firefighter Zac Storey is appointed as the Acting Engineer for Engine 84.  These appointments are effective throughout LT Carpenter's period of military leave.

Award Nominations and Banquet: Please submit nominations of deserving individuals. Nominations can be made by clicking this link  Firefighter of the Year, Commissioners' Award, Junior of the Year.  The awards banquet committee is looking at May for the banquet. Tentatively, Saturday, May 9th.

Physicals and Fit Tests: We'll be doing Fit Testing at March and April Company meetings. You can do yours at ANY company meeting, it doesn't have to be with your company. Getting the test done is what's important. Those of you who require a physical should've received a letter from Workwell to set up an appointment. Please get that done by the end of the month.

Mandatory Annual Training. There are a small number of you who haven't completed the mandatory training requirements. Completion of this training is a State BLS requirement. This training has to be completed to maintain your employment.  Make arrangements with your Company Officer to get this training completed. Arrangements to complete the training  must be in place before March 1st.

Measles, Ebola, Narcan: This link EMR-ISAC InfoGram Feb 5 2015 is to a FEMA InfoGram that comes out regularly. The current issue discusses the recent out break of Measles. 103 cases in 14 states. This is the largest outbreak in over 10 years. The info gram also contains updates on Ebola for first responders and some news on Narcan. Kentucky is providing Narcan kits to hospitals. This session of the Maine Legislature is going to consider a bill on Narcan prescriptions. (LD140).

Maine Fire Service Institute;  Director's Bi-Weekly Update

Training Events; In the coming months there are a number of training opportunities scheduled in Southern Maine. Flyers are on the bulletin board. If you're interested in attending please submit a training request to the Training Officer.  At the Mike Kuscma Memorial Symposium held on Feb 28 and March 1st, Chief Rick Lasky, Chief Billy Goldfeder and Chief John Salka will be speaking.

Engine 81: The transmission/pump change over switch (road to pump) is broken. FEMCO will be here on Monday (weather permitting) to repair it. In the  mean time the engine can be used as a tanker/equipment carrier.

Rescue 86: Is out of service because the Zoll cardiac monitor is out for repair.  R86 can be used for basic calls only, if absolutely necessary. 

Equipment left at a Hospital: Please remember to write on the white board when you leave equipment at a hospital. This is to serve as a reminder to day shift  to go pick it up.

Cold Weather: I know I don't have to tell anyone that we have a lot of snow and that it's incredibly cold. Since we are all aware of this...please dress for the weather and be prepared to deal with the snow. Dealing with the snow is going to make our job harder. 

Events Next week: Sunday 0900 Engineers' Training Day; Tuesday 1830 Alpha Co.  and EMS Training Pharmacology at 1830. Thursday 1830 Budget @ Fire Station. 1900 Forest Fire Wardens @ YC EMA.

Navy:  I'll be in Rhode Island for the Navy this weekend.

Duty Officer:  Captain Thom Hooper.