Friday, February 13, 2015

Weekly Update, Friday, February 13, 2015

Yup, Friday the 13th. My wife owns a black cat, and more snow coming on Saturday. Is there a connection?  You've probably all heard by now we're in for another foot of snow. Oh yes, and this storm has a name! Winter Storm Neptune. Cute. And just in time for the new snow, Wes Loignon is back home from his deployment to the Horn of Africa. Welcome Home, Wes!

Winter Storm Neptune:  I do plan to staff the station during this next blizzard. The Deputy is working on and SOG. More to follow.

Critical Incident: Last week we had one of those calls that we all hope we never encounter. The death of an infant. The dispatchers and crew did an admirable job through a very stressful and emotional event. There professionalism, confidence and competence was exemplary.  Unfortunately, we had a job for Chaplain Jacques. I'm always impressed with how he puts things into perspective.  For as rewarding as this job is, it takes an emotional on us toll too. Keeping things in balance can get difficult at times. When things do get out of balance we may need help. There is no shame in asking for help. Sometimes help is just having someone to talk with. If you ever run into a situation that bothers you, whether it occurred yesterday, last week, or 10-years ago, find someone you trust and talk it out.

Budget: Last night we made the first presentation to the joint budget committees and selectmen. Overall it was a very positive meeting. No votes were taken this was purely informational and an opportunity for questions. No date has been set yet for the next meeting.

Pulseless Electrical Activity (PEA): I received this link from Dr Nilson. Rather interesting....

Engine 81: It's in service. When parked, the road/pump lever needs to be in neutral. General Notice #15-1275, out lines procedures. The GN is posted on the white board and in the truck.

Engine 83: Construction has begun! The truck's cab is in fabrication. We should start receiving progress reports and photos in the next week or two.

Zoll M cardiac monitor: It will probably be out of service for another week. It's at Synertec being repaired. Because the monitor is OOS, I've taken R86 out of service. However, in a pinch, R86 can be used for basic calls.

2014 GMFR Group Photo:  I want to thank Capt Lang for making the arrangements for our 2014 group photos. The poster has been framed and is now hanging in the lobby. A special thanks to Kelly Roy Photography for donating her time and talents to the department. Kelly's specialty is photographing babies and young children. Sure, Firefighters fit into that category!

New Junior Firefighter: Welcome to our newest Junior. Junior Firefighter Landon Roma.

Events Next Week: Monday: Blood Drive. 1300-1800. Tuesday: 1830 Fire Behavior Training. Wednesday: 1830 Community First Aid Class. Thursday: 1830 Fire Commission. Friday 0920: Fire Behavior Training.

Duty Officer: LT Steiner.

Think Spring!

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