Saturday, February 14, 2015

Supplemental to the Weekly Update for Friday, February 13, 2015.

Storm update:  From the 0730 briefing from the National Weather Service in Gray, we should start seeing snow around noon time today. Accumulations of 1-2  inches by 1900 today. 6-12 inches by 0700 Sunday morning. Snow ending by 1300 on Sunday.  Temperatures in the teens to single digits, with wind chill to minus 15 degrees. Expect wind gusts up to 55 mph, and strong winds through Sunday night.

Safety: Dress for the weather. Keep your cellphone and portable charged up. Don't stay out in the weather too long. Look after each other.   If you know of anyone in town we might want to go check on, say something. If you know of anyone who may need assistance with a starting/setting up a generator or other assistance we are capable of providing, say something. Contact the Duty Officer, the on-duty crew, Deputy or Me.

Storm Coverage: If you're available for storm coverage, please text the Deputy. If you'll be available from home during the storm, let the Deputy know that too, but also sign into I AM RESPONDING as "available".

Couple items I meant to mention yesterday;

In my thank you note about the department photographs, I neglected to mention frames for the Chiefs' photos and the group photo were provided by the GM Firefighter Relief Association.

Call Volumes: Last night we answered call # 113 for 2015.  At this same point in time last year we were at call #69.  I do appreciate everyone's help on answering those calls.

Be safe,