Friday, April 10, 2015

Weekly Update for Friday, April 10, 2015.

OPEN SHIFTS: Sunday 0700-1900.  Wednesday 0700-1900. June 13 0700-1900 (Sat);  August 14 0700-1900 (Fri).

EMS Protocol Updates: The next round of protocol update training is posted on MEMSED. Updates are being pushed in two parts. Part 1 updates will be effective July 1. Protocol update training for part 1 must be done before July 1. Part 1: Pediatrics, EMT Narcan Administration, Adult Solucortef, and Spinal Management - Effective July 1st. Part 2: The remaining sections - Effective December 1st.
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Culture of Safety: Below is a link to the USFA's website and 4 reports on firefighter operational safety.  This weeks EMR-ISAC Infogram  discusses responder safety culture.

Speaking of Responder Safety;  A lady threatened Augusta firefighters with a knife at the Bangor Street Fire Station.

Carbon Monoxide and Responder Safety:  I received this in an e-mail from one of our mutual aid departments.....At work yesterday we had an interesting call that is good for everyone to review. An ambulance was dispatched for altered mental status. Upon reaching the patient in a two story wood frame residence they noted he was extremely altered and had vomited and defecated. In less than a minute of entering the residence the CO alarm on the jump bag was sounding and reading HI. The ambulance crew called for an Engine assist and started to remove the patient. They were only inside with him for a few minutes and already had headaches and other symptoms upon our arrival. As we approached the door our 4 gas meters immediately went to over 300 PPM CO and once inside levels were over 400 PPM. We ended up having 3 patients from the residence, 2 of which were transported and both had high blood levels of CO. The original patient was cherry red and had soft tissue injuries to his face when altered he fell down. Their was no obvious smell at the residence suggesting a furnace problem for the EMS crew. Without the meter they might not have known they were being exposed and things could have been worse. We found a propane cooker in the basement that he was using to boil sap for maple syrup.
  Thank goodness, the CO monitors on the jump bag read the CO. The then the responders came down with CO poisoning symptoms.  We carry SCBA on the ambulances for this purpose, we also carry oxygen. Oxygen isn't just for the patient.  Situation awareness.

Ice Water Training: This Sunday's training event has been cancelled due to lack of interest. This is a bit disappointing. The time to train for  water emergency is before we're called. Please familiarize yourself with our water rescue equipment.

Recruiting:  Application period closes Tuesday, April 14th.  The PAT will be on Saturday 4/18.

Annual Banquet:  May 9th at the Ramada Inn Saco.  More info to come.

Two new SOGs: SOG 3639 EMS Cardiac Monitors has been created to standardize the equipment carried on each monitor. SOG 3640 EMS Intubation Kits has been created to standardize the equipment and allow sealing of the kits. Please use these SOG's as aids for restocking

Daily Log Chores List and Station Duties List: These lists have been combined into a one page list. This list will be printed on Sunday for the week and at he end of the week scanned and turned put into the Chief's mail slot at the end of every day shift.

Burning Permits: We've added a field to collect e-mail addresses on burning permits. This is not a required field. If the applicant doesn't want to provide an e-mail address, don't force the issue. The intention is to get e-mails for camp fire permits. This gives us a way to notify/remind the permit holder of high fire danger days.

Samoset: APAMs annual EMS seminar this year will be November 11-15 at the Samoset in Rockland. Flyer is on the bulletin board.

Events Next week: Tuesday: 1700 Application Deadline. 1830 EMS Training: Shock. Thursday 1830 Fire Commission. Saturday 0900 PAT/RCT.

Navy: I'll be out of town this weekend for Reserves.

Duty Officer: Captain Harris.

Be safe,

Roger S. Hooper, Fire Chief
Goodwins Mills Fire-Rescue
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