Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekly Update for April 17, 2015 on Sunday, April 19, 2015

Another Holiday Weekend! Finally some good weather too. What happened on this day in American History?

2nd Alarm (plus) on Desk Box 842 for 82 Union Falls Road; Structure Fire. At 0828 on Friday, we were called to 82 Union Falls Road for a structure fire. (That's why this blog entry is late.)  Engine 84 and Ladder 82 responded with 4 Firefighters on the engine and 3 on the ladder. (All tallied, we had 14 Firefighters respond from Goodwins Mills. not bad for a day time call. THANK YOU!)  I called for the desk box at 0835 and on arrival at 0836, the barn was fully involved spreading to the L and main house. I called for a second alarm and a strike team of tankers. Hollis Engine 3 set up at the Hollis Road Hydrant. I was preparing for water supply via tanker shuttle. Hollis Engine 1 was setting up to pump from the dump tank. Engine 84 was feeding Ladder 82. Crews had stretched 2-1/2 inch attack lines from Ladder 82 to the front of the barn at the L on the Delta side. Deputy Johnston was D Sector, making an exterior defensive attack. Due to soft ground we couldn't get a set with Ladder 82 to operate the master stream. (Additionally, later in the event, we determined a solenoid problem would've prevented the ladder from leaving the bed. Yet, we were still able to use the waterway for overall of the barn and hay.)  Crews pulled 2-1/2 inch lines from Hollis Engine 1 and stretched to the Bravo/Charlie corner. Capt Wheeler was B Sector, also making a defensive exterior attack.  A crew was assigned to salvage family heirlooms from the main house. This operation was successful at locating and removing non-replaceable family items. Chief Duross was Operations.  Crews were able to hold the fire into the L with some extension Division 3 (attic) of the main house. Trench cuts for vertical ventilation where cut in the L roof between the main house and the set of dormers. Crews held the fire into the L. However, nearly all of the family's belongings were in this part of the house. Manpower was at a premium from the on-set. Getting crews established to stretch lines and attack the fire, and having enough manpower to get water supply established were the two major challenges. Mutual aid, met these challenges. Deputy Pendleton was Entry Control and Deputy Legendre was Resource/Manpower. Water Supply was being coordinated by Deputy Duross. Delaying the tanker shuttle operations, were physical space to set dump tanks and an engine. One engine got stuck in the soft shoulder, another had a mechanical malfunction. Hollis Engine 1 was out of water and couldn't flow the venturi. With typical Firefighter perseverance these three delays were overcome. Our Captain Duross determined we were in position to lay supply line to the boat ramp at Skelton Dam. He and Chief Mullen and Chief Schools, got this done. Engine 84 and an Alfred engine laid 5 inch LDH to the boat ramp. Engine 84 backed down the ramp and with two lengths of suction was able to draft and flow the LDH.  At this point we had two sustainable water sources. And began making serious headway on the fire. At about 0930, I was informed of something no IC wants to hear. I had two Firefighters at EMS with burn injuries. Two GM Firefighters. Both were transported to SMHC-B, treated and released. I've asked Captain Hooper to look into this event and prepare a mishap report.  The Fire Marshal is looking into the cause of the fire. The Red Cross, Lyman/Dayton Lions Club have been in contact with the family to assist. As you may know, the owner of the home is a Biddeford Firefighter. Ryan Loshaw, and his wife Alycia. The IAFF local is also providing assistance. A account has been set up. More information on that is on our Facebook page.  This is also the house my Father grew up in.

Assisting at this fire on the Still: Hollis (Engine & Tanker), Biddeford (Engine), Kennebunk (RIT). On Desk Box 842; Saco (Manpower), Arundel (Engine & Tanker). On the Second Alarm; Waterboro (Engine & Tanker), Alfred (Engine & Tanker), Biddeford (EMS & Rehab), Sanford (Station Coverage). Tanker Strike Team: Buxton, Wells.  Other agencies: Dayton Animal Control, Maine Fire Marshal, CMP,  Red Cross, Lions Club.  And as always our unsung heroes, Biddeford Fire Alarm.

EMS Protocol Updates:  Courses for this round of protocol updates are on MEMSED. The update training must be completed before July 1st.  New rules have been sent regarding the use and storage of Naloxone.  More to come on that.

Equipment on Squad 87:  Gear has been moved around. The "seasonal change" please come look things over and get familar.

Computer Attack: This is an interesting article on how the Houlton Maine PD computer systems was held hostage. Houlton Police Records jammed by virus

Firefighter Fatality:  These occur all to often. I could post a Firefighter fatality notice every week. This one hits home. A young Firefighter, in a community similar to ours.
Name: Steven Ackerman
Rank: Firefighter
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Status: Volunteer
Years of Service: 13+
Date of Incident: 04/12/2015
Time of Incident: 2208hrs
Date of Death: 04/12/2015
Fire Department: Valley Springs Fire & Rescue
Address: PO Box 27, 308 Broadway, Valley Springs, SD 57068
Fire Department Chief: Donald Johnson
Incident Description: Firefighter Ackerman died from injuries sustained while working interior fire operations at the scene of a residential structure fire. Ackerman was found in the basement of the home after fire crews were ordered out of the structure due to fire conditions. The 47-year-old homeowner, Mr. David Smith, had been rescued by fire crews and transported to the hospital soon after they arrived on-scene but did not survive his injuries.  Investigation into the fatal incident continues by local and state authorities.
Incident Location: 109 W Fir ST, Brandon, SD
Tribute is being paid to Firefighter Steven Ackerman at

Annual Banquet: Once again, I want to thank the GMFRA for hosting this year's banquet. The date is, Saturday, May 9, at the Ramada Inn at Saco Plaza, 352 North Street, Saco, Maine.
The evening begins with the Social, followed by Dinner, Awards Ceremony and Dancing. The banquet is for all Goodwin’s Mills Fire-Rescue current department members and GMFRA Association members, their spouse (or guest). Attire for the evening is: (1) Class A uniform if you have one, (2) Class B next, or (3) appropriate coat & tie/slacks/dress, etc. if you do not have a uniform.  You may also call the Ramada Inn to get a room to stay overnight for the evening.  The rooms are at a discount rate of $69.95 + tax and the discount is open until May 3, 2015.  When you call to make a reservation, you do need to reference Goodwin’s Mills Banquet in order to receive the discount rate. There is a sign up sheet posted at the fire station, or contact Karen Wheeler for your tickets at (h) 499-7208 (c)229-3253 or . All checks should be made out to:  GMFRA  (Goodwin’s Mills Firefighters Relief Association). Deadline to sign up is April 27 in order to let the caterer know a number for attendance.  However, if you need to confirm after the date of April 27 please do so to my attention by Friday, May 1. Thank you!  We look forward to seeing you there.

Portland Sea Dogs: Lyman Parks and Recreation will be sponsoring an evening with the
Portland Sea Dogs with fireworks after the game!
Friday July 3, 3015 - 6:00 PM
Hadlock Field, Portland
Lyman Residents: $5.00
(proof of residency required)
Non-Residents - $8.00
Tickets are now on sale at the Lyman Town Hall during regular business hours.
We expect this to be a sold out event so hurry and purchase your tickets today!!

Lighting Project: The bay lights are being replaced with energy efficient LED lights. DDS Electric is doing the install. This project is being funded by Efficiency Maine. Phase 2 of this project will be replacing the lighting in the rest of the station.

Engine 83: The latest pictures are posted on the website.  There has been a delay. Originally we thought we'd be going to the factory on April 27 for the final inspection. That has been moved out to May 10th. This may delay delivery to June.

Chief's Quarterly Report: My report for the 1st Quarter of 2015 is posted on the website.

Recruiting: Our recruiting period has been extended to June 30.  We only received 3 applications, none of which met minimum requirements.

Call Volume: The Union Falls Rd Fire was incident #15-233.  Four years ago on 4/17/11, was the Elizabeth Lane fire. That was incident number 11-166.  We've seen a 40% increase in call volume in the last four years. 

Events Next Week:  Tuesday 1830 Wild Land Fires.  Thurs: 1830 Juniors. Sunday: 0900 EVO Training with our Engineers, 1400 Community CPR & First Aid. 

Happy Patriot's Day,

Roger S. Hooper, Fire Chief
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