Friday, April 24, 2015

Weekly Update for Friday, April 24, 2015.

Open Shifts: Saturday June 13, 0700-1900. Friday August 14, 0700-1900.

Perspective: This morning the Deputy and I had a good conversation with Ryan Loshaw. Ryan is the owner of 82 Union Falls Road and a Biddeford Firefighter. Ryan expressed what it's like to be a Firefighter, and experience a fire from the homeowner's point of view. He said the two things that have overwhelmed him and his wife Alycia, is the out pouring of support following the fire, and watching a pair of Firefighters exchange "high fives" during the fire. Ryan said he understands that kind of enthusiasm, never gave it much thought. We've all done it. Something we all need to give some thought to. People are watching.

Firefighter Code of Ethics:  "The Fire Service is a noble calling, one which is founded on mutual respect and trust between Firefighters and the citizens they serve."

EMS Protocol Updates: Available on MEMSED. Part 1 must be completed before July 1st. Please provide copies of your certificates of completion to the Training Officer.

MEMSRR; Google Chrome Silverlight Error: Recently when users update Google Chrome to Version 42.0.2311.90 m users receive a message saying Microsoft Silverlight is required to view the run form. Users will receive this error even if Silverlight is already installed on the computer. This is due to Chrome disabling Plugin support for NPAPI by default. Further information and a temporary work around for Google Chrome is available by clicking Here.  In September 2015 with Google Chrome Version 45, Microsoft Silverlight will no longer be supported by Chrome. Users will need to transition to another browser that will continue to support Silverlight (e.g. FireFox or Internet Explorer).

Recruiting: We haven't had much interest. We had 3 applications, none of which met criteria.  The commission voted to extend the recruiting/hiring period to June 30.   The commission also tasked me to come up with a system of an open hiring process for the call force.  That's something the officers and I will be working on in the next few weeks.  In the mean time; How can we better get the word out? How do we recruit people to join?  What made you join?

Basic Fire School: The YCCA is going to sponsor a BLS Basic Fire School this fall. First class will be August 24th. The course will be in 15 modules and run two nights a week, probably one Saturday. Our intent is to get this class graduated before November 1st.  Each department will host a module or two, and provide instructors.  At the moment, we have 3 seats in the class. (Good timing for recruiting?)  We do need instructors. We're also looking for someone to take on various organizational roles. Such as; Instructor Coordinator, Equipment Coordinator, etc. Jim Burrows from Kport is going to handle records and paperwork.

Wildland Fire Academy:  Two weekends in June. Classes are free.  A flyer is posted on the bulletin board.

York County Fire School, in September:  If anyone has any ideas of what you'd like to see for classes, please let me know.

Fire Works Safety:  Summer is on it's way. That means fireworks too. I've put a red folder in Watch Desk with info regarding Maine's fireworks laws and safety info from the NFPA. More information is available at the State Fire Marshall's  Website.

Burning Permits:  As I'm sure you're all aware, permits are required for any out door burning. What you may not know is that this requirement now applies to camp fires too.  I've put a green folder in Watch Desk with info regarding out door burning.   More info is available at the Maine Forest Service  Website.   The Directive on Burning Permits (Directive 2581) has been updated. A copy is on the website and in the burning permits note book at Watch Desk.

Sea Dogs: Lyman Parks & Rec has discount tickets for the July 3rd Sea Dogs game. Tickets are on sale at the Lyman Town Hall.

Banquet: May 9th. Flyer and sign up is on the bulletin board. For tickets contact Karen Wheeler.

US Fire Administration Statistical Reports:  The most recent USFA report addresses basement fires in one and two family dwellings. The USFA Website also contains statistical reports on other fire causes in America.

Coffee Break Training: From time-to-time I add topics of interest from the USFA's
"Coffee Break Training" website. Anyone can sign up for that service and receive the weekly e-mail. For more information go to

Union Falls Rd Fire:  I've received the report from the Fire Marshall's Office.  The cause of the fire is listed as "undetermined".  However, accidental electrical could not be ruled out. As you may know, we had one firefighter get burned through his turnout coat. That coat has been sent to Globe for analysis. We should have some info back in a couple weeks.

Engine 83:  The scheduled has slipped to the right a bit.  Our "ready for pick up" date is now May 6th. Our final inspection is scheduled for May 10 through 13.

Bay Lighting: This project is 97% complete. The outside lights are left to be installed.

Floors Stripped and Waxed: Part 1; Starting Friday night 5/1, ending Sunday afternoon. 5/3.

Driver for Squad 87: Need an operator for the Squad on May 2nd to support the SRVC Firefighter II Wildland class.

Upcoming Training: Rural Water Supply; Wednesday May 6 @ 1830 & Saturday May 9 @ 0900 in Goodwin's Mills. Rapid Intervention Team (RIT)  June 12,13,14 - Friday, Saturday & Sunday in Arundel. Sign up list on the bulletin board for RIT class.

Events Next Week: Sunday; 0900 EVO training with the Engineers, 1400 CPR/1st Aid. Monday; 1730; Gov Lapage will be at Waterboro Fire. Tuesday; 0930 Wildland Fires, 0930 PAT/SCBA make up, 1830 Charlie Co. Wednesday; 1000 Regional EMS meeting in Gorham. Thursday; 1830 Delta Co.

Duty Officer:  Fri 1800-Sat 1900; Capt Hooper. Saturday 1900 to Sunday 0700: Capt Harris. Sunday 0700-2359: Deputy Johnston.

Have a great weekend,

Roger S. Hooper, Fire Chief
Goodwins Mills Fire-Rescue
481 Goodwins Mills Road
Lyman, ME 04002
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Station: 207-499-2362
Fax: 207-499-2893