Friday, May 1, 2015

Weekly Update for Friday, May 1, 2015

Congratulations! Jarrett and Mindy Clarke and their new baby. Karter Clarke arrived at 0515 this morning weighing in at 7 pounds one ounce!

Remember Everyone Deployed (RED):  Chris Carpenter has arrived safely in Afghanistan.

Station Floors: The front half of the station is being done this weekend. The main lobby entrance to the station is not usable. The rear employee entrance and side door to the bays are usable.  The classroom, main hallway and offices are being done. Floors should be OK to walk on by Sunday. Next weekend the back half of the station will be getting done.

Fax Machine: Our fax machine is out of service this weekend.  You may have to ask fire alarm to read off or e-mail times to you.

Squad 87: The squad will be going to the Wildfire Class in Acton on Saturday.  This wildland class is for the YCCA Firefighter II, SRVC Firefighter II and MFS practicals.

Engine 81: On Monday E81 will be going to East Coast for pump work. It should be back Tuesday afternoon. We'll have Waterboro's Engine 3 as a loaner.

Recruiting: We're still taking applications. Help get the word out that we're looking for some dedicated individuals interested in serving their community.

Protocol Updates: Deadline is July 1 to get the on-line training done on MEMSED. Please provide a copy of your completion certificates to Training.

Banquet:  If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, please contact Karen.

State Police: This past Monday we held our periodic meeting between the Fire Chiefs of the five Towns patrolled by Troop A and the Troop A leadership. Troop A, and the MSP in general, is understaffed. There may be times this summer when Troopers will be delayed. The MSP is looking at ways they can better use other resources, such as; YCSO, Wardens, etc.  There are some issues with communications facilities. Now that all State agencies are on MSCOMNET, we no longer have any direct radio communications with them. Relay between dispatch centers can be time consuming. Should you call for a Trooper, try to give fire alarm a reason you need the Trooper and how urgent the need is. Fire alarm can then answer some of the questions they may get (like; Do you really need a Trooper?)   from RCC Gray. This may help expedite getting a Trooper to you.

Command Staff AAR: On Tuesday, we held a command staff AAR of the 82 Union Falls Road fire.
We discussed several mutual aid issues, tactical matters and water supply. In the near future I want to hold an AAR for our department.

Regional EMS Director Meeting: On Wednesday I attended the regional medical director meeting in Gorham. The topic of Service Medical Directors was discussed in detail. The manual for medical directors is being updated. While there is no requirement for services like our to have a Med Director, it is highly recommended that we have one. I like the idea of having an MD involved in our QA and training programs. It'll make us a better service. I'm going to be working with Dr Zimmerman and Dr Nilson to recruit a Service Medical Director.

Basic Fire School:  A BLS FF Course is being organized for this Fall. The first class is on August 24th. The course will run through Nov 1st. More info will be forthcoming.

Events Next Week:  Tuesday; GMFRA at 1900. Wednesday; Rural Water Supply training in Arundel at 1830. Thursday: Fire Commission w/ Selectmen at Dayton Town Hall at 1830; Saturday; Banquet at the Ramada, Saco.

Duty Officer: Lt Steiner.

I will be out of town this weekend for the Navy.

Have a safe weekend,