Friday, May 8, 2015

Weekly Update for Friday, May 8, 2015

To all the Mom's....Happy Mother's Day!

Banquet:  Tomorrow night, 1700.  Be sure you bring your tickets. If you want to win any of the raffles you'll need your ticket!  Tickets are in your mail slots.  Saco and Kennebunk will be covering the station with an engine and ambulance.

Station Floors: Part 2. The back half of the station floors are being waxed this weekend.
Office hallways, bunk rooms & hallway and the kitchen.

Fire Danger: I've been putting a lot of info out on Facebook regarding the fire danger. It's pretty serious. Please check your forestry PPE and look over the forestry equipment on the Squad.

Engine 83:  The rescue-pumper is built!  Capt Duross, Lt Johnston and myself are leaving Sunday night for the Pierce Factory to do the final inspection on the truck. We'll be back Wednesday night.

Engine 81: It's still at East Coast. The pump/road change over assembly is being rebuilt and the pump packing is being replaced. This project is taking a bit longer than expected. Parts had to be ordered from Hale. The truck should be back by next Wednesday. Waterboro Engine 3 is in house responding as Engine 81.

Rescue 85: It's back in service and front line. The problem wasn't bearings, it turned out to be brake rotors, calipers and pads. Seems like every time R85 goes out for maintenance, we have a run on double ambulance calls.

State Police: Troop A is under staffed and will be for the foreseeable future. The Alfred Road call the other night we called for a Trooper and were told one would not be responding. However, a Trooper did respond that morning. A summons was issued.  I've discussed this matter with the Troop A Lieutenant. The SP is looking at alternative work schedules and how to better use other resources. IE: YCSO, MWS, etc.   It's going to be a long summer.  Bottom line, if you need law enforcement call for it. Late night/early morning expect it to be delayed and be prepared not to get it at all. Always remember, YOUR SAFETY, YOUR CREW's SAFETY is of the utmost importance!

Crew needed: A crew is needed for Rescue 86 on Saturday, May 16th to support the SRVC Firefighter II class during there Class A burns. Please contact Deputy Johnston if you're available.

Driver needed: Need an EVO2 for Engine 81 on Saturday, May 16th to support the basic pumps class in Buxton. Please contact the Deputy if available.

Senator Collins' Office: A staff member will be available at the Lyman Town Hall on Tuesday, 5/12, from 1300-1400.  To provide assistance with federal issues and agencies, such as the Social Security Administration, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Internal Revenue Service.  No appointment is necessary.  All conversations are strictly confidential.

NFA Library Updates: Check out what's new at the library this month: eBooks, fire safety research from 2014 and more. This information has recently been updated, and is now available.
Highlights: Hundreds of new e-books on emergency management,  leadership, management theory, and much more. Recap of fire safety research conducted in 2014. 35th anniversary of the Mount St. Helens eruption. Take just a minute and see what we have for you.

Events next week: Tuesday; 1830 EMS Training; Wednesday 1800; BPOC Buxton; Thursday, 1830 Fire Commission. 

Duty Officer: LT Roma.

My Schedule: I'm going to be at the Pierce Factory from May 10-13th. The Navy has me attending a reserve manpower conference from May 15th - 17th.  I'm pretty much out of pocket all next week. I can be contacted by cell or e-mail. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Ramada,
Have a great weekend!

Roger S. Hooper, Fire Chief
Goodwins Mills Fire-Rescue
481 Goodwins Mills Road
Lyman, ME 04002
Office: 207-499-7878
Station: 207-499-2362
Fax: 207-499-2893