Thursday, May 28, 2015

Weekly Update for Thursday, May 28, 2015

I'm sending this out a day early. Captain Harris and I are  headed to Emitsburg early Friday morning, we'll be back Sunday night.

Open Shifts: June 20 0700-1900; July 3 0700-1900. If you can do all or part, please let me know. Minimum quals; FF2/EMT-B/EVO2.

Full-time Vacancy:  Nate Keller has accepted a position with the Bath Fire Department. Nate's last shift for us will be June 17th. We'll be hiring Nate's replacement from the current list that was approved May 24, 2014 and expires July 31, 2015.  I'm sorry to see Nate go, but it's a great opportunity for him. We'll be having a "Keller Time" fairwell BBQ on June 15, 1600-1800.

EVO2 needed to take Engine 81 to Hollis on  June 6th for the FF2 end test.

Sanford Call Captain:  Captain Kevin Harmon was responding to our second alarm last Saturday and suffered a heart attack. He's in Maine Med, doing OK. A "go fund me" site has been set up to help raise money for his family. 

Memorial Day Weekend: Thank you to everyone who helped out with the parade and cover our run on calls Saturday and Sunday. It seemed like they came in all at once.

52 Alewive Rd 2nd Alarm: Great job by all involved. I think we surprised the folks at Dunkin Donuts. That tank and its 10,000 gallons of water is what did the job for us. Tankers in the front yard bought us time to get lines laid and water flowing. We had a sustained water supply up and running in about 10 minutes. Bruce Johnston had Engine 81 set in at the DD tank. The solenoid on the primer motor failed. Bruce was able to get the pump to prime using booster tank water. You only get one shot at that. Bruce made it work. That's experience working. Old guys rule!  I was a bit disappointed that the State Trooper didn't write any tickets to the people who drove over our LDH.
The cause of the fire is still being investigated by the FMO. There are a few things about this fire that are peculiar.

Basic Fire School: We'll be running a BLS course from August 24 through October 26. Typically, Monday and Wednesday nights 1800-2200.  One Saturday, October 24th Class A burns.  Classes will be held at various fire stations. Each department is hosting a module. We will be hosting Tools & Forcible Entry on Sep 9th. Hose, Nozzles, Appliances & Foam on Oct 5 & 7.  I am looking for someone to lead those classes.  Lt  Mike Frasier from Waterboro will be the course coordinator and DC Jim Burrows from K'port will be handling records and paperwork.  I will send out the finalized class schedule as soon as I get it.

Recruiting: Our current call force hiring process will close out on  June 30. With the BLS class scheduled this fall this is a great time for new folks to come aboard. Please get the word out.

HAZMAT IQ: This is probably the best and most realistic and useful hazmat class I've ever attended. It's going to be offered again in West Kennebunk on June 20th.  A flyer is on the bulletin board. If you can attend this, it is very much worth it.

Rochester FD: RFD has an opening for a Deputy Chief for Fire Prevention. More info is on the HR page of 

Events Next week: Tuesday 1900 GMFRA, Thursday 1830 All Officers.

Duty Officer: C8-7/Capt Hooper.

Have a great weekend!

Roger S. Hooper, Fire Chief
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