Friday, June 26, 2015

Weekly Update for Friday, June 26, 2015

JUL: Sat 7-11 07-19; Wed 7/15 07-19; Fri 7/24 07-19; Sat 7/25 1900-1900; Mon 7/27 07-19; Fri 7/31 07-19;
AUG: Fri 8/14 07-19; Wed 8/19 07-19.
SEP: Tue 9/1 07-19; Wed 9/9 07-19; Thu 9/17 07-19; Fri 9/25 07-19; Mon 9/28 07-19.

I was at the Lyman Town Hall this past week. I met a gentleman who lives in Keywood Manor. As soon as he saw me he began telling me how wonderful my department is and what a good job we do. He was quite impressed with our students and the student program. How quickly we responded to Keywood Manor when he called 911 for his wife and how polite and professional everyone was.
Folks we can't buy this kind of publicity! The best marketing tool we have is each of you and how well you do your jobs. Thank you!

Basic Fire School; Info and applications are on the bulletin board. Application deadline is July 15. If you're interested in attending please submit an application ASAP. Lt Sarto has stepped up to teach the two modules that GMFR is sponsoring. If you'd like to get involved as an assistant instructor please contact Pat.

New Full-timer: Phil Daniels will be starting in his new position on July 7th. at 1900.

Junior Lieutenant: Jake Boyden has been appointed as the Junior Lieutenant. Speaking of Juniors; Jake Boyden and Jake Bixby have complete the Firefighter II program at Sanford Regional Technical Center. Congratulations!

Recruiting: Application deadline is Tuesday June 30th.  Interviews will be scheduled for July 8 and the PAT on July 11.  Basic Fire School on August 24th.  Also...we have provisions to bring call force members on at any time. If you know of anyone who would be a good candidate please encourage them to submit an application and/or give me a call.

Engine 83 arrival and dedication ceremony: It's scheduled to arrive on Monday morning. The dedication ceremony is set for Tuesday at 1830. The engine is being dedicated to the memory of Captain Steve Dupras. Steve's son and his sisters will be attending.  Class A uniforms or similar appropriate attire is requested.

Engine 83 Fitting Out: Engineer Howard Smith is the engineer assigned to Engine 83. Engr Smith and Lt Johnston will be coordinating the equipment layout and installation. DO NOT place any equipment on E83 without approval.

Engine 83 Operator qualification: Operator training needs to be completed by all EVO2's. The Deputy and Training Officer are working on criteria for E83 qualification.  Train-the-Trainer classes will be scheduled for full-time EVOs, the Engineers, and other selected EVO2s. Those individuals who complete the TTT will then be authorized to training and "sign off" other EVO2's. If you have questions about this process please ask. My intention is to have the engine in service by August 1st. That is going to depend soley on how many qualified operators we have.

Defibrillators: The RFP is out. We have a demo Lifepak 15 for a few more days. I'm working on getting us a Zoll X demo. Lt Daniels is heading up the effort to review and compare both devices. He will be asking for input and for folks to get involved to help him compare and score the devices. I hope to have a recommendation to the fire commission by July 23rd. Place the order soon after.

Narcan & EMT Protocol Updates: July 1 is the deadline for getting the updates done. That's five days from now. If you haven't yet, please get this done to avoid license suspension.  Part of the protocol update is allowing EMT-B's to administer Narcan (Naloxone). This med is in the drug box. We'll be holding local training on this topic soon.

Activity Reports: At the end of each quarter I review call force member activity. Attendance at training, meetings and incidents. Individuals who aren't meeting standards are contacted by their company officer. The primary intention here it to keep communications open. Something that can help you be sure you are meeting the minimums for incident response is to place yourself "on call" in I am responding. 4-hours of on-call will equal responding to one call for activity purposes.  As for company meetings, if you're not able to attend, just give your company officer a heads up.

R.E.D. shirt Fridays: The GMFRA is selling t-shirts, order forms are in your mail slots. I was asked if I'd allow "red shirt Friday" for the on-duty crews.  I agreed, with one condition....anyone wearing a red t-shirt on duty, had better know what the R.E.D. t-shirt is all about. RED is an acronym. What does it mean and why is it important?  I'd also like to see anyone who wears a RED t-shirt on Fridays donate $1 to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Firefighter Close Calls...  Some interesting reading.

Events Next Week: Monday E83 arrives. Tuesday: 1830 Chief's Call. E83 dedication ceremony.
Saturday 239th anniversary of the signing of the American Declaration of Independence.

Duty Officer: 1900 Friday to 1900 Saturday; Capt Harris. 1900 Saturday to 1900 Sunday Capt Duross. 1900 Sunday to 0700 Monday; Deputy Johnston.

Have a safe weekend, hope to see you all Tuesday night.


Roger S. Hooper, Fire Chief
Goodwins Mills Fire-Rescue
481 Goodwins Mills Road
Lyman, ME 04002
Office: 207-499-7878
Station: 207-499-2362
Fax: 207-499-2893