Friday, July 17, 2015

Weekly Update for Friday, July 17, 2015

Open Shifts: Sunday 7/26 two needed for 0700-1900. One must be an EMT. 
Monday 7/26; 0700-1900. August 8 and October 10 0700-1900.

Defibrillators: We have a Zoll-X to demo. It's on Rescue 85.  RFP inputs are due on Tuesday. On Wednesday at 0830 our ALS providers will be meeting to compare notes on the Zoll-X and Lifepak 15. Everyone is invited to attend.  At Thursday night's fire commission meeting I will be presented my recommendation. I hope to order the new monitors the following Monday.

Engine 83;  Fitting out and training continues. The last train-the-trainer class will be tomorrow morning. Saturday's class will probably be the most intellectual class held so far. All the "experience" will be attending on Saturday, the "over 50" crowd.   When we filled the water tank, we noticed a starboard list. (the truck leaned to the right side.) The mechanic from East Coast came down and took measurements and look things over. It appears that a mounting bracket for the apparatus body is lower by an inch. This morning we found out from the Pierce engineers that these brackets are notched. So they can be adjusted accommodate.  I'm waiting for East Coast to get back to with an appointment to get the truck in for the work.

Use of Foam:  I've received a letter from DEP addressed to the MFCA. The letter is regarding "Firefighting foam discharges to waters of the State".  Even though firefighting foam is biodegradable it can pose a threat to aquatic life and water quality.  During testing and training we need to prevent discharge of foam into ponds, streams, etc.  I've posted a copy of the DEP letter on the bulletin board.

State Police:  We've had some issues recently with responses from the MSP.  I've been in touch with the Troop A Lieutenant and will be meeting with him and the Sergeant for Lyman and Dayton soon. If you have any trouble getting a Trooper when you need one, or problems at a call, make sure you let me or the Deputy know ASAP.

Biddeford & Saco run card changes;  New changes will to our response to Biddeford & Saco will be taking effect on July 22nd.  For both cities we will respond with Rescue 85 on structure fire still alarms. We will provide EMS Sector duties.  On the desk box we will send an engine to Saco.

Summer Vacations;  Summer is upon us and many of you will be going on well deserved vacations. Please keep in  mind that we may be short handed on responders over the next few weeks.

GMFRA Fund Raising idea: Lt Daniels is going to approach the GMFRA with the idea of holding a winter ice fishing derby this winter. This is very preliminary and in planning stages right now. If your interested in getting involved, contact Lt Daniels.

Blood Drive: Saturday, July 25th 0900-1400.

Basic Fire School: The BLS class schedule is out. Student application deadline is today. I have recieved on applications. If your interested in attending, please see me ASAP. LT Sarto has roger'd up to lead the module that we'll be sponsoring. We are hosting Mod 5/Forcible Entry on 9/5 and Module 10/Hose, Appliances, Foam and Streams on 10/5 & 7. Assistant instructors are needed. Please contact Lt Sarto.  Class A burns will be in Hollis on 10/31.  If you'd like to be more involved in teaching, other modules will also need assistant instructors. If interested please contact Lt Mike Fraiser, (Waterboro FD) the program coordinator.

Live-in Program Fire Academy: The schedule is out for the academy. All officers have been emailed a copy. I've posted one on the bulletin board also. Assistant Instructors are needed. I'd also like to support the academy with an engine going to need an EVO2 for that one. If you can assist please let me know.

First Responder Concert: The Alumni Band and Maine Pops Concert Band will be hosting the annual First Responder Concert at the 1st Congregational Church in Saco on September 12th.  A flyer is posted on the board. The concert is to honor our local First Responders and the military.

I AM Responding (IAR):  Our use of IAR is improving. Please keep using it. If you need any help getting the APP set up, please see Dylan Martin.

Activity reports: I will be looking over member activity reports next week. Attendance at calls, training, meetings, etc. over the last quarter (Apr-Jun). Please keep in mind, if you put your self in IAR as "available" that is counted towards responding to a call for activity purposes.

Coffee Break Training: Community risk reduction integrates emergency response with prevention. Community risk reduction involves identifying and prioritizing risks, selecting and implementing strategies, monitoring and evaluating activities, and involving community partners, all in an effort to better protect residents and firefighters.

If you haven't already, check out this website

New call force members:  Jamie Mouzas has been hired as a call force firefighter. Jamie is a Biddeford call force firefighter who lives on South St just over the Biddeford line. He's a recent graduate of the YCCA Firefighter II academy.  Sean McDonough has been hired under our volunteer observer program. Sean will be assisting Capt Harris with EMS QA and community outreach. Emily Schatz has also been hired under the volunteer observer program. Emily will be attending Colby college this fall. Emily is a licensed Maine EMT-B. She will be doing observer ride-time with us periodically over the next semester.

Events Next week: Tomorrow: 0800 E83 Train-the-Trainer, 0900 CPR. Tuesday: C Co. Officers 1730, Ladders training 1830; Wednesday: Defib Mtg 0830, Juniors 1100. Thursday: D Co. Officers 1730 0900, Fire Commission 1830. Friday: Firefighter Time at the Lyman Library 1500.

Duty Officer:  Friday 1900 to Saturday 1900: Captain Duross. Saturday 1900 to Sunday 2359: Lieutenant Steiner.

Have a safe weekend,

Roger S. Hooper, Fire Chief
Goodwins Mills Fire-Rescue
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