Friday, July 24, 2015

Weekly Update for Friday, July 24, 2015.

Open Shifts:  August 8; 0700-1900. October 17 1900-1900. November 18 1900-1900. November 26 0700-1900. December 24 0700-1900. December 31 0700-1900.
(Shifts can be split.)

Quarterly Report: My quarterly report for the second quarter 2015 has been posted to the website. Chief's Quarterly Report 2nd Quarter 2015

Blood Drive: Tomorrow, 7/25 0900-1400. Please come donate a pint. Some admin help is still needed. Pls contact Chris Ray.

York County Fire School:  Start thinking about what formal training you may need that can be done at the YC school in September.  EVOC, Pumps 1, Aerials, etc. 

Basic Fire School:  August 24th is the first class. A schedule is posted on the bulletin board. We are sponsoring 3 classes  9/9, 10/5 and 10/7. Lt Sarto is the lead instructor. I'm sure he would welcome some assistance. 

Live In Academy:  August 10 is the first day of this academy. Rocky and Cole will be students. There is a need for assistant instructors and apparatus operators. I've posted a scheduled on the bulletin board. If you can help out, please let me know asap. 

SLICE-RS: You've probably heard me talk about this new concept in firefighting tactics called SLICE-RS. This is a concept that we need to learn more about and apply in our department. On October 26th Waterboro FD is hosting an 8-hour class on SLICE-RS.   Flyer is on the bulletin board. 

I-Pads:  Both Rescues, Engines 83 & 84 have I-Pads installed. The lap top in E84 has been removed. The tough books in the ambulances are in place for patient care reports. The I-pads are also internet "hotspots". Through the i-pads you can up load/down load from the tough books.  I AM Responding App, EMS protocol app, Data track mobile are available through the i-pads.  With I AM Responding, you can map your route to the call, see who's responding, etc.  Come take a look and get familiar with them. 

Engine 83 Preps & Training: Train-the-trainers are done. Each EVO2 has been assigned a "qual card" listing competencies that need to be met to qualify on E83. There is a green binder in Ops that contains our qual cards.  E83 is going to East Coast for warranty work on Monday, 7/27. It should be back by Friday. During the week of August 3rd is the time to get busy completing your qual card.  I'd like to put the truck in service on or about August 8th.

New Defibrillators: Over the past weeks a very good debate was going on in our department. Zoll X vs. Lifepak 15.  A lot research, conversation, exchange of opinion, fact gathering had gone on. Demo units were reviewed and compared. Other EMS agencies were engaged. On July 22, a group of our EMS providers met to compare and evaluate both the Zoll and Lifepak. We reviewed the proposals, the hardware and created a pro & con list as well as a graded analysis sheet. The group's recommendation to me was to go with the Lifepak 15.  I reviewed the proposal and looked at warranty, cost, financing and cost of ownership. Last night I recommended to the Fire Commission that we lease/purchase the Lifepak 15.  The commission approved my recommendation. The next step is to prepare the financing paperwork for the Selectmen to sign. I anticipate the Lifepak 15's will be on-site around August 15th.   I want to thank everyone involved. It was a difficult decision. The general consensus was that either device is a quality product and would work well for us. In the end, the Lifepak 15 won out. 

Alternative Fuel Vehicles:  This is some interesting training info from NFPA regarding alternate fueled vehicles.

Seat Belts: Over the past few weeks I've noticed a trend among many regarding when the seat belt is fastened. Several of our drivers, I've observed, will start the vehicle, put it in gear, then buckle the seat belt. Buckle the seat belt first. Then start the vehicle. 

Vehicles out for annual preventive maintenance: Squad 87 is out for PM's. Both Rescues are completed. Service 88 goes out Monday.  Ladder 82 goes out on 8/3, it will be out for a few days. Engines 84 & 81 will be going out later in the month.

Biddeford Voc (AKA: Center of Technology) Firefighter Program: BCOT is looking to hire a part-time instructor for the FF2 program. Information is posted on the bulletin board.

First Responders Concert: Band of Biddeford and the Maine Pops Concert Band of Portland would like to invite you, your department and families to our annual September 11 concert. We take pride in remembering those who sacrificed their lives that day and, especially, in honoring our local first responders. I thought I would send you a “Save the Date” invitation to give you and your department a chance to add this to your calendar. Your attendance means a lot to the band members and to the people in the audience.

Dayton Special Town meeting: July 27th at 1800.

Our response to Biddeford and Saco: The lastest revision has us going to Biddeford with an ambulance as EMS Sector on the still alarm for a structure fire. For Saco, we're sending an ambulance on the still, and an engine for station coverage on the box.  In some parts of each city, we're going direct to the scene in the still. We  need to listen up to fire alarm for our assignment. 

Vacations: FYI......A lot of our department will be on vacation and out of town next week. 

Events Next Week: Tuesday, Alpha Co. 1830. Ice Fishing Derby meeting 1830. Thursday, Bravo Co 1830. 

Duty Officer:  Tonight 1900-0700 Lt Roma. Saturday 0700-1900 Lt Sarto. Sat 1900 to Sun 2359 :Lt Roma.

Have a great weekend,

Roger S. Hooper, Fire Chief
Goodwins Mills Fire-Rescue
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Lyman, ME 04002
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