Friday, August 21, 2015

Weekly Update for Friday, August 21, 2015

OPEN SHIFTS: September 27, 0700-1700 (Must be and EMT), October 21 & 22 24 hours,  Saturday, October 24 (Must be an EMT) 0800-1700;  November 26 0700-1900;  December 24 0700-1900; December 24/25  24 hours; December 31 0700-1900.    November 26 and December 25, holiday differential applies. These shifts can be broken down into smaller time blocks.

Engine 83: It's back. And it's level. I measured it again this morning and nothing has changed from yesterday.  I'd like to get the truck in service this Monday. For our EVO2's who haven't completed the operator training, please do so in the next couple days.   EVERYONE; please come get familiar with the new engine. What's where, how things work, how preconnects are loaded, how the SCBA seats work, etc. Also look at what's changed on Engine 84.

Lifepak 15's: The order has been placed. I anticipate delivery mid-September.

Hill & Alfred Roads: Construction has started. Hill Road is closed to local traffic. Wednesday afternoon I attended a project meeting. Speed limits on Route 111 will be reduced through the construction area. (Remember, fines double in a construction area!) A Sheriff or Trooper will be on site during daytime hours. There are no plans to close Route 111 to one lane traffic. It will remain two lanes throughout the project.  DOT is planning on funding the installation of a traffic interrupter in the stop light.

Alternate Routes to SMHC Biddeford:  When transporting to SMHC Biddeford, you're going to want to consider routes other than Route 111.  Consider going River Road, Buzzell Road, South Street into Biddeford. From the Old North Berwick Road part of town, consider going Middle Road to Old Alfred Road (through West Kennebunk) take the Turnpike from Kennebunk to Biddeford. Google shows this route is 4 miles and 1 minute longer than going back to Route 111. You'll loose the minute getting through construction. There are times when Route 111 is appropriate, just be prepared.

Triple Fatal MVC: Last Sunday we responded to a triple fatal on the Gould Road. These are always tough calls. Everyone who responded did an great job. Things went smooth and were well organized. Our interaction with the State Police was positive and professional. Last Wednesday we did a CISD. Chaplain Jacques came up and facilitated that for us.

Regulations, Directives and SOGs new and recently updated: 
   - SOG 3332 Water Rescue Operations;  pretty straight forward. This is a generic SOG outlining how we should operate at water rescue calls.
  -  SOG 3333 Modes of Operation and Reports; This SOG outlines command modes, strategic operating modes, it also covers types of reports. A copy of the job aid is posted on the bulletin board.
  - SOG 3323 and SOG 3324 have been combined into one. SOG 3323 has been updated to reflect the new response to Biddeford and Saco.
  - Directive 2341 Medication Control and SOG 3341 Medical Accountability Log have been updated to remove references to the duty officer. Copies are in the drug log binders on each ambulance and on the website.
   - Regulation 1101 Hiring Process. Big changes here.  The process for hiring full-time doesn't change. The process for hiring call force, per diem and fire police does. Interviews, pre-employment medical, back ground checks will still be done before hiring. The physical agility test and reading comprehension test must be completed and passed to come off probation. The initial PAT is waived for fire-police. A copy of 1101 is posted on the bulletin board in Ops.

   All Regulations, Directives and SOGs are available on the website click "Employee Resources" then select "Employee Documents"  or  click  this link

Dayton Days: September 12th  1400-1700.  We have the LP Gas trainer for that weekend. As part of Dayton Days we'll do a fire attack demo on the LP gas tree. Lt Daniels is heading this up. We are going to need EVOs to operate pumpers, and FF2's as the attack team. We'll need safeties and people to help set up/take down also.  Please contact Lt Daniels if your available to help out. Soon we'll post a sign up on the bulletin board.

York County Fire School: The chiefs' school flyer is out and on the bulletin board. Dates are September 26 and 27, at York County Community College. Please get your training requests in ASAP.

Fire Officer Program: MFSI is hosting a Fire Officer I program at Buxton FD's Groveville Station.
The course will be Wednesday nights from 9/9 to 12/12.  If your an officer, and don't have Fire Officer I certification, you need to attending this course. If you're aspiring to be an officer, consider attending.

EMT-B Classes: One in Biddeford, One in Waterboro. Flyers are on the bulletin board.
So far, we have one definite student, FF Jamie Mouzas, and two maybes, FF Jake Corbeil and FF Michelle Ray.

SLICE-RS;  SLICE_RS class on October 24, in Waterboro. Officers.....please submit your training request ASAP.

EVOC Class:  Hollis is hosting an EVOC class September 12 & 13.  Flyer is on the bulletin board.

Call Volume: So far this year, we've run 479 times. Last year at this time, we had run 397 times. We're 83 calls ahead of this point last year. We've treated 298 patients so far this year, compared to 245 at this same time last year.

Events Next Week: Saturday; Junior FF training 1000. Tuesday; C Co. 1830. Thursday; D Co 1830.

Have a great weekend,

Roger S. Hooper, Fire Chief
Goodwins Mills Fire-Rescue
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Lyman, ME 04002
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