Saturday, August 15, 2015

Weekly Update, Friday, August 14, 2015

OPEN SHIFTS:  October 21 & 22 24 hours,  Saturday, October 24 (Must be an EMT) 0800-1700;  November 26 0700-1900;  December 24 0700-1900; December 24/25  24 hours; December 31 0700-1900.    November 26 and December 25, holiday differential applies. These shifts can be broken down into smaller time blocks.

Engine 83: It's back.  It still has a 1 inch lean to the right. In discussions with East Coast, Minuteman and Pierce to correct it.  The 3rd rail in the jaws of life compartment has been installed, white lights have been added to the light bar, the radio repeater is operational, it's nearly ready to go in service. We just need to get operators trained.  Please get that done this week.

EMT Class:  YCCC will be sponsoring two EMT classes in our area this fall. One in Biddeford and one in Waterboro. Flyer is on the board. If you're interested, please submit a training request.

EVOC: Hollis is sponsoring an EVOC class next month. If you need this class please submit a training request.

Fire Officer I & II; Buxton will be hosting a Fire Officer course, it will tentatively run from September to December. Officers who have not completed this course, need to.  If you have aspirations of becoming an officer, have completed FF1&2, EMTB, have more than 3 years on the department, come talk with me.

SLICE-RS: Waterboro, October 24, with an optional TFT on the  25th.  SLICE-RS is a tactical concept that is designed for small departments like ours. I want to implement these procedures. I am asking all officers and full-time FF's to attend the class in October. Please submit a training request ASAP.

Hill Rd/Alfred Rd intersection work: Starts Monday, runs through October 20th.  Hill Rd will be clsoed to through traffic. Alfred Road will remain at two lanes, but with reduced speed limits.

Live Fire Training: We have the Hollis Facility reserved for November 1st to conduct live fire attack training.  More to follow.

From the Secret List
CHINA EXPLOSION UPDATE: As of late Friday this evening 17 Firefighters were killed in the Line of Duty in the explosion in China. They were among the 50 people killed (known so far) in the warehouse blasts in the northern Chinese port of Tianjin. More than 30 Firefighters are still missing, most of them in their 20s or 30s. The initial explosion, at a warehouse storing dangerous chemicals, at about 11:20 pm on Wednesday was followed by a number of smaller blasts. About 700 people were injured, 70 of them seriously.
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