Friday, August 7, 2015

Weekly Update for Friday, August 7, 2015

OPEN SHIFTS: Sunday, August 16 0700-1900, must be EMT.  Saturday, August 29 0700-1900.
October 17/18  1900-1900. November 18/19, 1900-1900. November 26, 0700-1900. December 24, 0700-1900. December 31, 0700-1900.

Duty Officer: When the duty officer idea was started we didn't have 24-hour coverage and there was a need for a "point person". Since the station is staffed, there is a full time Chief, and on most weekends an officer is on a per diem shift, the need to a dedicated duty officer isn't needed anymore.
So, I'm doing away with the scheduled weekend duty officer. I'll assign a duty officer on an as needed basis.

Live in Student Fire Academy: Starts on Monday. Good luck Cole and Rocky!

Engine 83:  It's still at East Coast. We're waiting on Pierce engineers to provide the fix to correct the 1/8 inch list to starboard.

Dayton Days: September 12, 1400-1700.  We're going to do an LP gas fire demo. Lt Daniels is working on getting the equipment to set that up. We're going to need an attack crew, EVO's, etc. to conduct the demo. Please let me know your availability to help out.

Dollar General:  1502 Alfred Rd, will be opening this Sunday. There is a knox box by the main entrance.  The HVAC is propane. There are 4 HVAC units on the roof. The LP tank is underground behind the dumpster corral at the C/D corner. The LP gas shut off is on the C side.

Command and Tactical Modes of Operation: At last night's officers meeting we continued our discussion on ICS. In particular command modes. Soon I'll be putting out an SOG on command and tactical modes of operation and required reports.

Reports: What does the acronym "C.A.N." mean?  When is it used?

Rural Water Supply: The next segment of incident organization we're going to address is our rural water supply plan. How can we be better organized? what jobs need to be assigned? do we have the right equipment? how can we do it safer?

Live Fire Training:Tentatively, we've scheduled the Hollis facility for November 1st to do structural fire attack training.  At this training I want to rehearse our operational modes, reports and the SLICER-RS concept of a transitional fire attack.

Close up the station:  When departing the station, and leaving it unstaffed, please make sure the overhead are closed and the building is secure.

Seat belts: I mentioned this last week, before you start the truck, fasten your seat belt!

Ready Equipment: Went on an ambulance call yesterday, opened the sealed collar bag, no adult collar. The purpose of the seal, is to show that the bag is complete and ready to go. Not in this case. Please, a little more attention to detail.

Uniforms and Dress Code: When on duty, GM uniforms are required. I don't want to see t-shirts, job shirts, etc. from other fire departments being worn by our on duty crews. Everyone on duty should be wearing the same uniform. Hence the word "uniform".  The only authorized t-shirts are our the standard Navy blue, and on Friday's, the R.E.D. t-shirt.  Shorts, only when the temperature is over 85 degrees and only when authorized.  See Paragraph 3.2(C) Station Uniform of Directive 2120 for details. When responding as a call force member, uniforms are not required, other depatment t-shirts, etc. are ok. Be dress appropriately, Directive 2121 outlines our dress code for first responders.

Group picture:  Kelly Roy has 8x12 copies of the group picture that hangs in the lobby. This picture can be purchased by FD members for $25. If any one is interest please contact Kelly Roy Photograph on Facebook.

Minimum Activity Standards: If you read my quarterly report from last quarter, you may have noticed that everyone is doing a great job at meeting the requirements. A year ago we had 10 people on the list. This year we had 3 on the list for the second quarter. While the number of members has remained the same, more people are actively participating. THANK YOU! This is truly a team effort.

This link is rather funny......Firefighter habits off duty.

Have great weekend,

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