Friday, September 18, 2015

Weekly Update for September 18, 2015.

CISD: We have a CISD scheduled for Monday at 1830. Chaplain Jacques will be officiating.
If you were involved in the shooting last Sunday, please attend. And...even if you didn't respond to that call, please attend. Your support and input is valuable.  I also am thinking this is a good time to talk about these types of calls. In the past 10 days or so, we've responded to 6 suicidal patients.

OPEN SHIFTS:  September 27, Sunday need 2 for 0700-1900, one must be an EMT.  Really need some help covering this. If you can do any part of it, please let me know.

October 6 1900-1900. October 9 1900-1900. Oct 11 0700-1900, Oct 17 0700-1900. November 26 0700-1900. December 24 0700-1900, December 25 0700-1900, 1900-0700. December 26 need 2 for 0700-1900, one must be EMT. December 31 0700-1900.

Dayton Days:  Thank you everyone who helped out with Dayton Days last Saturday. As luck would have it, just before we were scheduled to do our LP Gas demo, we get a call for an MVC and while on that we get a second ambulance call.  We did manage to get the demo done.  Thanks again.

Lifepak 15s:  We've been having intermittent noise on the new LP15 on R85 (asset #1227). That devise is being shipped back to the factory under warranty. A loaner has been provided. In the mean time, the R86 LP15 (asset #1230) will be moved to R85 and the loaner will be put on R86.  This morning Lt Sarto did some re-configuring with the IT connectivity. "The LP15 that was in R86 is now moved to R85. It also has been renamed to 85, and is able to link up with the toughbook on R85. In order to have the LP15 and the toughbook to "talk to each other" the program LIFENET has be to running on the toughbook. The program is now set to auto run when the toughbook is turned on. "

Engine 83:  Has a slight lean to the left now. East Coast was in this morning and to measurements from several point.  A few days ago the truck leaned 1-1/2 inches to the left. This morning is was off by a half inch. Puzzling.

Engine 84: There have been some equipment changes to E84. Come take a look.

Ladder 82: It is still at East Coast. Needs brake work. Still waiting on estimates. 

SOG Updates:
SOG 3305 Equipment Swap Over Updated
SOG 3639 Cardiac Monitors Updated, reminder that all EMS Equipment SOG's regarding inventory, medication control, etc., are in Drug Log binder. They can also be viewed via iPad when restocking.
SOG 3322 Response Protocols updated also Appendix 1 added for Fall Semester. Riding assignments, these are posted in bay and mounted to daily clip board.
All SOGs, Directives and Regulations are available on the website

New Lyman Street: Milne Drive runs off 10 Shaker Hill Road to Dead End @ Bunganut Lake Dam

EMS Protocol Update:   Phase Two of this year's protocols updates become effective as of December 1, 2015.  Education for the Phase Two update is now available on MEMSEd, which can be found at under “Online Services”.  The material will also be taught during regional sessions and includes a train-the-trainer module. Maine EMS will be compiling a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  This list, with answers, will be available for review on our website.  Providers can also ask questions on the Course Forum available in the online MEMSEd course with staff replies and discussion. There are many important changes in both phases, and it is essential that all providers complete either the online protocol training or attend an in-person session prior to the effective dates.  Phase One protocol education is still available online.Should you have any questions about the online training, please contact Maine EMS.  For questions about the regional training sessions, please contact your Regional EMS Office.

Biddeford FD Hiring: BFD is advertising for a Firefighter/Paramedic. Applications close 9/25/15 at 1600. FMI 282-6632.

Pratt & Whitney: Pratt is hiring for several jobs on 2nd, 3rd and Weekend Shifts if anyone is interested, follow the link and apply online(it’s the only way to do it now):
One of the positions is for 3rd Shift Plant Protection which is basically a FF/EMT/Security Position, under preferred qualifications they have a whole slew listed, basically if you can meet more than one of these qualifications, you have a decent chance of getting hired.  If you apply and would like to use me as a reference, please let me know.  See Link:  These are all full time positions with pay starting at a minimum of $15/hour(more depending on experience), health insurance, vacation & retirement plan.

Bike Race:  There is a bike ride scheduled this Saturday through Lyman.  I believe only Brock and Williams Roads are involved.

USFA Learning Resource Center: Updates from the U.S. Fire Administration. This information has recently been updated, and is now available.
Stay current on what's appearing in the fire and emergency services sectors' most trusted sources.
What you'll find in this update:
Fire/EMS Research Monitor - links to descriptions of 9 recent studies.
Direct links to some of the latest online articles from Fire & rescue, Case Studies in Fire Safety, International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience, Fire Note, Australian Journal of Emergency Management, Fire-Rescue Magazine and more.
Descriptions of some of the latest published scholarly research as well as professional trade journal articles on fire, EMS and all-hazards topics. This update includes citations to the May and June issues of JEMS, Fire Risk Management, International Fire Protection, Size Up, WNYF and Fire Engineering, FS-World,  NFPA Journal and many more.

Fire Prevention Week Open House:  Scheduled for October 6th. 1800-2000.  The October GMFRA meeting is rescheduled to Monday, October 5th.

Call Volume: As of 9/18/2015: 523 calls. A year ago we were at 444 on this date.  Patients seen so far this year, 302. At this time last year, 213.

Chief's Call: September 29th is the next Chief's Call.

Events Next Week: Monday CISD 1830; Tuesday Alpha Co 1830; Thursday Bravo Co. 1830; Saturday and Sunday York County Fire School.

Have a safe weekend,

Roger S. Hooper, Fire Chief
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