Friday, January 22, 2016

Weekly Update for Friday, January 22, 2016

OPEN SHIFTS: February: Sunday, 2/7  0700-1900 must be EMT; Tuesday 2/16 0700-1900;  Saturday 3/19 0700-1900 need two, one must be EMT; Sunday 3/27 0700-1900 must be EMT.
Two weeks until the Ice Fishing Derby!
Our busy month continues.  We're at 58 calls for service and it's only 22 days into the new year.
On Tuesday, which happened to be FF Fowlie's first day,  we ran 8 calls.  We had a complentary post on our Facebook page from the family at 25 Kennebunk Pond Rd for the assistance provided the morning their oil burner back fired. Great job to Lt Daniels, FF Cole and FF Fowlie.
Core Training:  Thanks to all of you who have completed your core training. If you haven't gotten this done, please do ASAP.  Gear inspections, physicals also need to be completed by the end of February.
Fit Testing:  Time again for annual respirator fit testing. This is a requirement for all SCBA qualified. f Lt Roma will be setting up the portacount machine.  The on duty crew will be able to administer the test. So please stop by the station and get your fit test done.
State Police: Last Wednesday we had our quarterly meeting with Troop A.  The Troop A Lieutenant and the Fire Chiefs from Lebanon, Hollis, Alfred, Lyman & Dayton, meet regularly to discuss various matters. This was our first meeting with Lt Ross since his assignment to Troop A. The meeting was very productive. Overnight MSP staffing was a hot topic. Getting a Troop A third shift is something the LT is working on and SP HQ in Augusta is supportive.
Patient Restraint:  At Wednesday's meeting we also discussed patient restraint. Primarily, handcuffing patients. This is where you need to have a conversation with the Trooper on scene. Cuffing the patient with hands in the front, or cuffing the patient to the stretcher is OK.  I am going to get a hand cuff key for each ambulance. In any case, the Troop will follow, directly behind the ambulance, to the hospital. (If this doesn't happen I want to know ASAP!)  Patient restraint, is going to hinge on provider preference, patient's condition and a conversation with the Trooper.
Out of Drug Box Meds: We're going to add Narcan and Zofran to the ODB meds. I have to first get our ODB policy update and approved by the regional medical director.
York Hospital: Yes, we transport to York.  From many parts of Town, York is no further away than Portland.   I am going to put this in to policy.  Portland is as far north as we'll go and York is as far south.
Mike Kucsma Symposium: February 26, 27, 28.  Flyer and application is on the bulletin board.
Fire Instructor Course:  In Old Orchard Beach. Flyer is on the bulletin board. FMI: Fire Instructor I/II OOB   Please submit requests ASAP. First class is 2/10.  This class also satisfies the requirement of an EMS IC.
ICS 300 and 400:  York County EMA is going to host these classes in May. All officers, and those to aspire to become officers, should seriously consider attending the ICS 300. Those who aspire to be a Chief Officer should attend both.  A class flyer is on the bulletin board. 
EMR-ISAC InfoGram for January 21, 2016 contains the following articles:
1. Webinar: Successful Body Worn Camera Programs
2. Proposed Deductible for Disaster Declarations
3. The Role of EMS in Ending Human Trafficking
4. Back to Basics: Information Security
From "The Secret List"
As you know, an Arkansas Firefighter (Lt Jason Adams, 29) was shot and killed in the Line of Duty this morning. Even more tragic is that he was mistaken as being an intruder while inside to assist with a medical emergency this morning. Additionally, reports are that one of the first responding ALS providers was Lt Adam's own wife.
The shooting happened about 0500 hours on Dortch Loop in North Little Rock. Word is that Lt Adams responded to that medical emergency call at the house of Greg Pruitt, after Pruitt's wife called 911. Nearby Sherwood Fire Department officials say Adams, who lives about a half-mile away from the home he was responding to on Dortch Loop, was a 5 year member of Sherwood FD, but was responding as an East Pulaski VFD member.
Reports are that Pruitt was coming out of a seizure, when he mistook Lt. Adams for an intruder.
Pruitt then shot and killed Adams, who was reportedly standing in the doorway of that bedroom.
Cops are still investigating and crews are still processing the scene. No word yet on if any charges are expected to be filed.
More to follow.
Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.
The Secret List 1/22/2016-1200 Hours"
Events Next Week:  Tuesday: 1830 Alpha Co. 1830 Ice Derby Meeting. Thursday: 1830 Bravo Co. 1830 York County Chiefs. 

Have a great weekend!

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