Friday, April 8, 2016

Weekly Update for Friday, April 8, 2016

OPEN SHIFTS: None at this time.
Promotion:  Please congratulate Assistant Chief Ben Harris on his new appointment. Effective at midnight tonight.  The Fire Commission approved the appointment last Tuesday night. We had three very strong candidates for apply for this position. Which is a testament to the type and quality of people who serve on our department. It was a difficult decision to make, for good reasons.
Banquet:  April 16 at 1700 at the Saco Ramada.
New Call Force Member:  Joe Demers has just joined the call force. Joe lives on Route 5 in Dayton, he's been a Saco Junior FF, has completed BEMT and BLS Firefighter course and is currently in the Firefighter II Academy. Welcome aboard!
Chief's Call:  I'd like to hold a Chief's Call on Tuesday, April 26th at 1900.  Class A uniforms for officers required, others encouraged.
Lyman Appreciation: You all should've received an invite to attend an employee recognition event at Cousens School on April 19th. The event runs from 1530 to 1930.  See you there!
Opiate Epidemic Class: Thursday, April 14th. Waterboro Fire
Lifeflight Ground School: Monday, April 11th 1830 at Saco.  A group is departing our station at 1800.
Incident Command Classes:  ICS 300 and 400 are being offered in May in Alfred at YCEMA.
A flyer is on the bulletin board.
Ambulance Jump Kits: After some review by a small working group we have swapped the RED and BLUE jump kits on R85 and R86 into a new single RED Bag for each truck.  We will use this as a trial period until Friday May 6th.  All EMS providers should take time to evaluate these and put their input in prior to May 6th.  Even if you like the current set up, please put that input in.  Input will be accepted on the web site
First Quarter Training: The first quarter training binder has been removed from the Ops room and replaced with the second quarter training binder. Completion of annual was a great success. Thank you all for getting this done quickly.  In our new approach to individual training, We logged 1100 Training hours for the first quarter! Nearly twice the amount of hours logged in the first quarter of 2015.  Thank you to everyone who has made our training program a success!

When completing training please consider:  When completing a CEH class, you must sign both the Department and Maine EMS Roster.  All of the classes get entered into Data Trac at the end of the quarter.  When you log into Data Trac you'll be prompted to electronically sign the training's that you complete.

Added to the second quarter training binder is a tab that lists individuals who need to make up any remaining required training.

The second quarter theme will be Driver/Operator and the training's will be tailored towards such.  Reminder that the Training of the Month will be offered during Week 2 on Tuesday night and Friday morning.  CEH's of the month will be offered during Week 3 Tuesday night and Friday morning.  The only REQUIRED training for the second quarter will be the EVO1 Recert for those EVO1 certified people.

The senior member on duty for the Tuesday nights and Friday mornings will be responsible for coordinating the achieving of the objectives that are laid out in the training book.

As a reminder we are expected to attend the Biddeford/Saco EMS training's on Tuesday mornings or afternoons.  Those on duty should coordinate this at the morning meeting to assure it fits into the day.
Squad 87: Ice Water Rescue Gear has taken off the truck and our Swift Water Rescue Gear added.
The EMR-ISAC InfoGram for April 7, 2016 contains the following articles:
1. Zika May Grow as We Enter Summer Season
2. State of 9-1-1 Webinar: Railroad Incident Response
3. Briefings on Ukraine Power Infrastructure Attack
4. Ground Vehicle Standard for Ambulances
Hero Learning Network: The online resource for training fire fighters.  Some new topics have been added.  Operational Checklists, a new course "Company Officer's Health & Safety" and more.
Events Next Week: Monday: 1830 Lifeflight Ground class. Tuesday; 1600 Senior Officer meeting, 1830 Training EVO1. Thursday; 1800 Opiate Forum, 1830 Junior Company.

Have a great weekend!

Roger S. Hooper, Fire Chief
Goodwins Mills Fire-Rescue
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Lyman, ME 04002
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