Friday, January 13, 2017

Weekly update for Friday the 13th of January 2017.

OPEN SHIFTS: Thursday 1/19 0700-1900; Friday 1/20 0700-1900; Saturday 1/21 0700-1900. Friday 1/27 0700-1900; Friday 1/27 1900-0700 must be EMT; Saturday 1/28 0700-1900; FEBRUARY: Saturday 2/4 0700-1900, Saturday 2/4 1900-0700 must be EMT; Sunday 2/12 0700-1900, Monday 2/20 0700-1900; Thursday 2/23 0700-1900; Saturday 2/25 0700-1900; Sunday 2/26 0700-1900; Tuesday 2/28 0700-1900.
NEW EVO1: Congratulations FF Shawn Pendleton!
RESCUE 86: It's back in service, but will remain back line until its replacement arrives.
TRAINING & COMPANY MEETINGS: Our Lieutenants have reorganized our schedule of company meeting and training nights. The new schedule is on the battle rhythm calendar. I think there will be a lot of benefit with the arrangement.
ANNUAL TRAINING:  Thank you everyone who got the HAZMAT refresher done last Saturday. All but 4 completed the training that day. Make ups will be scheduled, contact your Company Officer.  The next phase of annual training is on-line. Review the policies in the Quarterly Training Binder and complete the quizzes on-line.  Please get this completed before February 15th.
GEAR INSPECTIONS:  Inspect forms will soon be in the binder. Please get your's done on your own. Complete the form, return it to FF Cole. Note any problems with your gear that require repair. A work order will be entered and your gear will be scheduled for repairs.
RESPIRATORY QUESTIONNAIRES, PHYSICALS and FIT TESTING: These annual respirator requirements are due. Please complete the questionnaire and return to AChf Harris. I will soon be posting a list of who requires physicals. Following your physical, please get your FIT Test done.
ICE FISHING DERBY:  February 11.  Keep pushing the raffle tickets!
MX 207:  Yes, I'm looking forward to Spring time.  Yesterday, AChf Harris and I attended a meeting with MX207, Northeast Ambulance and Waterboro FD.  We discussed EMS response to MX207.  It was a very productive and informative meeting.  Our goal was to improve our ability to communicate, manage resources and work together to support the MX racing.  We came up with some very good solutions that will be put out in an SOG soon.  We're also going to hold some training regarding track operations & safety as well as how to safely remove the PPE worn by the MX riders. This is tentatively scheduled for April 9th. We've also been invited to attend Northeast's EMS ATV Operator's course on April 8th. We also discussed a landing site for the Lifeflight helo near the race track. The DOT site on Route 202 looks promising. Much more to come on this topic.
 EVENTS NEXT WEEK: Wednesday; 1800 Basic Fire School; Thursday; 1830 Fire Commission.

Have a great weekend,

Roger S. Hooper, Fire Chief
Goodwins Mills Fire-Rescue
481 Goodwins Mills Road
Lyman, ME 04002
Office: 207-499-7878
Station: 207-499-2362
Fax: 207-499-2893

"Like leaders in many walks of life, my business has been to serve with, and for, others."
    -General Stanley McCrystal, US Army

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