Friday, January 20, 2017

Weekly Update for Friday, January 20, 2017

OPEN SHIFTS: February; Monday 2/20 0700-1900 x2. Sunday 2/26 0700-1900. Tuesday 2/28 0700-1900.  March; Wednesday 3/8 0700-1900. Thursday 3/16 0700-1900. Friday 3/24 0700-1900. Thursday 3/30 0700-1900. April: Saturday 0700-1900 x 2.
   - HAZMAT: Make-up sessions are available tomorrow; Hollis (District 2) at 0800 or Alfred at 11:00. If you can't make these sessions contact your company officer.
   - OTHER BLS TOPICS:  For the other BLS required topics, quizzes are available on the website and the  quarterly training binder. Please get this completed asap.
RESPIRATOR QUESTIONNAIRES: The annual respirator requirements are due. Please complete the questionnaire and return to AChf Harris before February 1st.
TURNOUT GEAR INSPECTIONS:  Forms are in the PPE Inspections binder separated by company. Please get your inspections complete asap.
ANNUAL PHYSICALS:  I will soon be posting a list of who requires physicals. Following your physical, please get your FIT Test done.
LADDER 82: The aerial has been tested, no Cat 1 or 2 hits!  However there are 27 Cat 3 hits.  The pump is operational. It may not pump to capacity but we can support the waterway and hand lines.
EVO3 TESTING: EVO3 test will be given on Monday 1/23.
BASIC FIRE SCHOOL: It's underway! The next class is 1/25. SCBA fit test, don/doff and drills.
MSFI: MFSI in Brunswick is hosting 2 NFA classes on March 11 and 12. A flyer is on the bulletin board and on our website.  One class being offered is Decision Making for Initial Company Operations (F0457). Any officer who has not taken this course, or anyone with aspirations of becoming an officer, should take this course. This is a great opportunity, it's close to home and it's free!  Application deadline is January 31st.
BUDGET: I presented my proposal for the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year budget to the fire commission last night. No decisions were made. The next meeting to discuss budget is February 16th. My budget proposal is available on our website under Chief's Reports.
BLOOD DRIVE: Our next blood drive is scheduled for Saturday, February 4th. 0900-1400.
DERBY: This ice fishing derby is moving ahead. Keep pushing the raffle tickets!
BANQUET: Lt  Martin is the banquet committee chairman. Planning is in progress.
AWARDS: A big part of the banquet is the annual awards ceremony.  Submit your nominations on the website.
DATA TRAC MOBILE APP:  Is now available on the IPads in Engines 83 & 84 and Rescue 85 & 86. This app will allow you to have key response items such as; Run Cards, Water Supplies, Cross Streets, Burn Permits, etc. It will also give you the ability to complete forms in the field. Available forms are; Incident Statements, Burning Permit Violations, Drug Log.
DRUG LOGS: Beginning on Tuesday 1/16/17;  we started the daily drug logs electronically on the Ipads. We well also continue the paper forms for 2-3 weeks, if all goes well with the electronic format, we'll discontinue the paper forms.
The EMR-ISAC InfoGram for January 19, 2017 contains the following articles:
1. Preparing for Attacks on Transportation
2. Terrorist Attacks Against Public Places
3. Mitigation Planning Webinar Series for 2017
4. Grant Writing Fundamentals Online Workshop
SACO RIVER CORRIDOR COMMISSION: Many of you may have heard about of the Saco River Corridor Commission (SRCC), and the job they do to development along the Saco River watershed. You may not have had the opportunity to attend one of their meetings. There meetings are usually held in Porter on Wednesday evening. Wednesday, January 25th will be your chance to sit in on a meeting close to home. The Dayton representative to the SRCC, Sharon Martel, has invited SRCC to hold a meeting in Dayton. The meeting will begin at 7:30 at the Dayton Town Hall.
EVENTS NEXT WEEK:  Monday: 1830 Ice Fishing Derby Meeting, 1915 Banquet Committee Meeting. Wednesday 1800 BFS Class - SCBA. January 31st 1930 Chief's Call. 

Have a great weekend,

Roger S. Hooper, Fire Chief
Goodwins Mills Fire-Rescue
481 Goodwins Mills Road
Lyman, ME 04002
Office: 207-499-7878
Station: 207-499-2362
Fax: 207-499-2893

"Like leaders in many walks of life, my business has been to serve with, and for, others."
    -General Stanley McCrystal, US Army

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