Friday, June 2, 2017

Weekly Update for Friday, June 2, 2017

OPEN SHIFTS:  Currently, everything is covered until October 7th.
CONGRATULATIONS: FF Nicki Fowlie on her graduation from SMCC with an Associates' in Fire Science. FF Rocky Sanfilippo on his licensure to Advanced EMT. FF Shevaughn Shay for completing the Basic Firefighter Course. FF Steve Szostek for completing EVO1 qualification and licensure to Paramedic.
IMAGE TREND ELITE:  All patient care reports are being completed using the Elite software. Field Bridge has been removed from the laptops. MEMSRR is no longer to be used. The link to the new site is    The APP has been load on our laptops and the Ipads.  Your MEMSRR user id and password are used on Elite. Let me know if you have  any difficulty logging on.
LINKING THE LIFEPAK to IMAGE TREND:  The laptop in Ambulance 86 is our only laptop that will link to the Lifepak. The Deputy has put out General Notice 1480 (i've attached a copy to the bottom) with instructions on how to link. The laptops in A85 and E83 will not link, nor will any of our Ipad, yet. We need to update the operating systems on the laptops. We're working with the vendor to figure out how to bluetooth the Ipads to the Lifepaks.
MEMORIAL DAY PARADE: Great showing for the parade. Thanks to everyone who helped out. LT Martin did a terrific job getting things organized.
The EMR-ISAC InfoGram for June 1, 2017 contains the following articles:
1. Don't Race the Train (the Train Always Wins)
2. Airport Weather REadiness (AWARE) Toolkit
3. An Inside Look at the NIST Fire Research Lab
4. Removing Personal Data from Public Websites
PATIENT REFUSAL Class: Kennebunk Fire will be hosting a Patient refusal class on Thursday, June 8, 1:00 pm at the West Kennebunk Fire Station, 80 Thompson RD.
Pennsylvania officer accidentally overdoses while searching suspect's car:
A Pennsylvania police officer came in contact with a powdery substance while searching a suspect's car over Memorial Day weekend, resulting in an accidental overdose. Read the full story
SCANNER APP:  Lt Martin has set us up in a scanner app. If you load the "Broadcastify" app or the "Scanner Radio" app you can listen to primary via your Iphone.

Good luck to the Firefighter I and II end testers this weekend!


General Notice 17-1480:  Subject: ELITE PCR's

Elite PCR's may be done on any and all of the following devices

Panasonic Toughbooks
GMFR Desktop Computers
Hospital Desktop Computers

For the next few months the only device that can download from either of the Cardiac Monitors is A86 Toughbook.

The IPADS will not download and the A85/E83 Toughbooks are running Vista which will NOT download from the Cardiac Monitors.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.


1.  Push Transmit on Cardiac Monitor and Push Send
2.  Click on Toughbook shortcut to "LIFEPAK CONNECTION"
3.  Choose the top gray button "PHYSIO CONTROL TRANSFER WIZARD"
4.  Wait for it to download 1-5 minutes
5.  Click back into your PCR and choose the blue hanging from the top tab "EKG"
7.  Highlight your most recent download, choose "IMPORT SELECTED"

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