Friday, July 14, 2017

Weekly Update for Friday, July 14, 2017

OPEN SHIFTS:  None at the moment.
CONGRATULATIONS:  Biddeford's Captain Norm Melancon retired after 42 years of service. Norm is a Lyman resident and former Lyman fire commissioner. All the best to Norm and Donna.
Also, our Captain Rob Lang was permanently promoted to Lieutenant with the BFD. Congratulations Rob!
ALS/BLS SKILLS LAB (CEH's):  Monday 7/16 and Wednesday 7/18 here at the station at 1830. Even if your license isn't up for awhile, this is a great opportunity to get some CEH's in the skills category. As many of you know, opportunities for skills CEH's are hard to come by.
BOAT CRASH: Great job to everyone who responded to the accident on Wadleigh's Pond. Fortunately, all turned out OK. That could've been so much worse.  We have identified the boat launch on the pond. It has been marked on the I AM Responding map. It's located between Mast Road and Quail Run.  We also marked the Swan Pond boat launch which is at the end of Swan Shores Drive.
EMD CODES: By now I'm sure you are all familiar with hearing the EMD levels from fire alarm. What do they mean? There are 5 levels. Alpha through Echo. Alpha and Bravo are BLS calls. Alpha are less severe and can be handled with 2-3 EMTs. Bravo are also BLS calls but are a little more serious and may require 4-6 responders.  Charlie and Delta are ALS calls. Similar to A and B, Charlie level can be handled with 1 AEMT and 1-2 other responders. Delta, still ALS, but more serious and may required upto 6 responders. Echos are the most serious. ALS calls when the patient is unresponsive. Call for desk box 8 on all Echo level calls. SOG3320 discusses this in a little more detail.  B, D & E will need manpower.
SOCIAL MEDIA:  We have a policy on internet use and social media. Regulation 1402. Please, DO NOT comment on our calls on social media. As a member and employee of the GMFR, what you post will be considered "official" by the media, public and potentially the law. You run the risk of violating HIPAA and other privacy matters.  You also may reveal information that could spoil a law enforcement investigation. Lot of things can get complicated on social media.
WIRELESS PRINTING AT MMC: Wireless printing has been established in the EMS room at MMC. The instructions on how to connect are on the bulletin board and a copy is in each ambulance clipboard and on the laptops. The one caveat is that it appears that you are not connected to the Wi-Fi when you are sending your document to the printer, but you can immediately reconnect when you are done. Please provide any feedback (good or not so good) to Chris Pare at MMC.  or (207) 662-7011.
APPARATUS OPERATION:  What's our policy on speed limits? What's our policy on actions in intersections?  In case some of you have forgotten; Speed limit plus 10 when operating with lights and siren. We come to a complete stop at red lights and stop signs. Even with lights and siren going. You've got to be looking out for the vehicle that isn't going to stop for you.  Remember; your 40,000 pound fire engine is not going to stop a quickly as your 4 thousand pound Toyota.
Know your vehicle, know your environment, drive with due regard.
FIRST RESPONDERS NIGHT AT THE MAINERS: Saturday night the Sanford Mainers are hosting a "First Responders Night" at Goodall Park. Gates open at 1730, ceremony at 1825, game starts at 1830. I have FREE tickets if anyone is interested
JUNIOR OFFICERS: We've made some changes to how we're going to select Junior Fire Dept Officers in the future. Soon, we will be rolling out  training objectives for Juniors in 3 levels, Jr1, Jr2 and Jr3. The Jr Capt and Lt will be selected from those qualified at the Jr3 level. Until this is all put into place, Jr Lt Issiac Hooper will remain in that positing in an interim capacity until a permanent appointment is made.
Events Next Week: Monday BLS Skills 1830; Tuesday EMS Training 1830; Wednesday Skelton Dam Tour 1300, ALS Skills 1830, Skelton Dam Tour 18300. Thursday Fire Commission 1800.

Have a great weekend,

Roger S. Hooper, Fire Chief
Goodwins Mills Fire-Rescue
481 Goodwins Mills Road
Lyman, ME 04002
Office: 207-499-7878
Station: 207-499-2362
Fax: 207-499-2893

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